YouLikeHits Fixes

In the YouTube Views section: If a video has been deleted, disabled or set to private it will now get removed once a user attempts to view it instead of continuing to pop up.

In the ReverbNation section: You can now add any account instead of just “Fan Accounts” to start Becoming a Fan of other Artists Pages.


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  1. Where are fb likes?

  2. Adding youtube videos does not work!

  3. you should put a higher payout to every section, there’s to much competition

  4. I Need Automatic Youtube Video Changer To Get Credits While Not Having To Click Next Video!

  5. Always adding new features and improving upon your already great service. Keep it up YLH’s… you guys are the best!

  6. Hi love this site but my points go down but and views neaver change in # I am I doing something wrong or missing a step.

  7. Yes where are the fb likes?

  8. I cant see the facebook tab at all? why is that?

    Are you going to anytime soon be adding Facebook Photo LIKE feature and/or flickr Photo LIKE feature ? thnx

  10. Please YLH Are You Going To Add An Automatic Youtube Video Changer Soon ??

  11. hello in websites section there is a website who force install trojan fake shield . i try to repair my computer now. he force install and change everything deletes progs and full folders.
    i dont remember the name of the website becuase when i see the action i try to uninstall orn delete it

  12. could you add favourite for YouTube? That would be awesome 😉

  13. In the “YouTube Likes” section, people are putting up videos that have likes disabled. I think they’re doing it to get free views. There should be a way to “report” these people/videos.

    Also I think having a “Retweet” or “Favorite” for Twitter would be cool.

    • Videos that have their Liking setting set to disabled will now be automatically removed once someone tries to Like them.

      Those might some interesting additions to the site. We will consider them!

  14. But FB was brought back for a few days then removed again?
    Also, I see on Reverbnation that despite what you say that it can be any account now, it still says on settings that it has to be a fan account. Thanks.

  15. OK but FB did come back for a few days then went?
    Also on Reverb, in settings it still says you have to have a fan account. Thanks,

  16. I spent over 500 points to get 50 tweets and none of them ever got tweeted! Whats going on?!

  17. I just want to report a couple of soundcloud user that play unfair here on ylh.
    The names are LakeBasil and DONSMOKI; they follow and then unfollow taking you precious earned points.
    I have already muted them preventing to play again dirty.
    If someone noticed others “smarts” please report!

  18. Are Pinterest Pins coming soon please?

  19. Username OGKEYS

    I have 3 pages under review. While I appreciate the fact that you guys do now review before you ban. We are still suffering from people who blatantly report good pages likely to get their page more hits. Because while you review our pages are inactive.

  20. some people like videos, get their credits, come back and put a dislike 😦

  21. Google+ is forever broken…it always is saying “We couldn’t find the site you’re trying to +1.”

  22. Username OGKEYS

    Thanks for reviewing and releasing 2 of my 3 pages. I still have one under review and it is the same kind of page just a different song.

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