Get more YouTube Views with our new system!

We just updated our YouTube Views section.  The changes we made will help increase the accuracy of the Views on YouTube.

Remember that YouTube caches all views and doesn’t update them for up to 48 hours.  YouTube also doesn’t always accept and count all views.

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  1. Sounds Great! 😀

    Once again one of my websites is under review which you have cleared. I apparently have a few haters. Username: OGKEYS

  2. can we add unlimited Twitter followers to the site?

  3. Can There Be An Instagram One?

  4. Retweets are not working…ive spent around 400 points on retweets and got nothing from it…what is happening with it? i also asked about this prior and got no response from YLH

  5. Why would I need to search? If i have @myname in the tweet I should get the notification directly correct? It was working a couple of weeks ago…I would receive onstant notifications of the RT, now my points are being spent, and nothing is being retweeted. What is happening?

  6. were the facebook like ?????????

  7. Can we get a faster version of twitter like where we can just log in with are twitter accounts that we want to use? I remember it use to be like that and twitter was more active, not saying it isnt now, but faster is better. And can you make it so that myspace pages leave after you friend them. I honestly hate bothering you guys cause you already do so many great things. So honestly it’s just suggestion and questions.

  8. how do you know how many referrals I have?

  9. You guys need to change the Default of payout to OFF when first uploading a video….

  10. And also…It seems that a lot of people are liking a video, and then Unliking it right away. Is there a way to prevent this?

    I have WATCHED a video go from 10 likes to 9 likes RIGHT after it says someone Liked it on YLH…That’s some bullshit

  11. I Have so many referrals and im not getting my points for them and i know they are active users because they signed up for my other websites and i got my points my profile is JohnTalksMarketing Whats going on with the referrals system.

  12. hi, i just want to ask a question, why did you disable the facebook likes system? while your competitors did not.

    • Facebook send us a legal request to shut our Facebook section down permanently. Our competitors received the same request but I believe they’re ignoring Facebook’s request.

      • Facebook can’t legally tell you to stop.
        That’s like a TV station saying another TV station is not allowed to show the same commercials.

        It sounds like they are blowing smoke.

  13. When i’m trying to add my youtube video? “This video has already been added to YouLikeHits by another user.” Please reply me soon…


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