Get Twitter ReTweets/Favorites

We’ve added two new features.  You can now get Retweets and Favorites for your Tweets!  Just enter the ID of the Tweet and you’re good to go!

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  1. Wow 🙂 YLH is getting awesomer and mending for its fb losses 🙂

  2. Alexander Romaz

    Fantastic news YLH thank you! Can you also please work on getting Youtube Custom Comments in the future as well?

  3. Seems to be problem with retweets, it only lets you add one? And even when remove it, you can only re-add the same one, you can’t remove and replace with a new one… once fixed it’ll be awesome.

    • Not sure what you mean. It seems to be working correctly for me and many other users.

      • What I mean is that while it will add some tweets to be retweeted, it won’t add all. It says it does, but they dont appear to add points to. Ive had 3 work, and 3 not work so far.

  4. Hi.
    My account AppleIRu.
    In the function “Add a Website to be Tveeted In order to add a website enter the details in below!” I added: “Secret fotos iPhone 5” and set the Payout = 5. The system shows what was done six times a tweet, but at tweets are missing!! Points taken, but the tweet did not. It looks like a scam! Take the trouble to explain the situation!

  5. This section does not work!

    Not Found
    The requested URL /add.php was not found on this server.

  6. Seems as though we are having some issues again with our tweets. We should have 22 tweets, and none have showed up…usually the tweets post automatically.

  7. I tried to go see what the tweet was that we posted and the Tweet section is gone now? It was something like NOW LISTENING TO The RAIN Digital something like that…I guess I have to use the retweets tab now?

  8. guys just i cant get the re-weet it says that … retweeted but doesnot appear on my twitter…

  9. This function just eats up my points. No retweets or favorites at all!

    • That’s certainly not true. I have 300+ retweets and 200+ favorites on one of my tweets from using this system.

      • It used to work for me, but now it isn’t. It ate up 96 points saying I have 10+ retweets and 5+ favorites, but I only got 2 favorites. No retweets at all.

  10. You guys might want to check several “bots”. They automatically retweet then unretweet in a matter of seconds. Everyone’s been experiencing this problem with retweets just getting eaten up.

    • This could be the problem. I added a tweet, got 26 retweets in a few mins, none show up at all on twitter. If its a bot thats doing it that would make sense. FFS this was a great feature too.

  11. I have the same problem with the retweets and the linkedin shares, it used to work fine but lately it only eats up yor points in few minutes and doesn’t give you any tweets or shares, for sure is bot that retweets and unretweets right away or deletes the tweets. You should try to do something about the bots.

  12. Any update on the retweet issue? Been a few days now….

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