Monthly Archives: August 2012

Blog URL Change

We’ve moved the YouLikeHits blog to You can still get here from the old URL but it will just redirect you.
Thanks for reading!

Bug Fixes & Changes

We fixed an error when adding a Pinterest account that was preventing some people from adding their accounts to the site.

We also redesigned the Tweets section so that it now relies on your Twitter account.  This will help prevent people from cheating that system.

Premium is only obtainable by spending 750 Points for 24 hours or by purchasing Premium Points Packages.


Retweets and Favorites

We’re still working on bringing back these two features.  Unfortunately people were abusing them to the point where they weren’t worth keeping up.  Once we find a solution that is not able to be abused then we will put these sections back up.

Thank you.

Forgot Password

If you forgot your password and the email was not being sent then you should have no issues anymore.  There was a bug that was causing the emails to be lost.  This has been fixed.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

Changes to the Daily Free Points

You’re no longer required to do a bunch of things before getting your 50 free points.  You can simply claim your free points each day just by logging in.  The green “Claim 50 Free Points” button will not show up if you have already claimed your 50 free points for the day.