Retweets and Favorites

We’re still working on bringing back these two features.  Unfortunately people were abusing them to the point where they weren’t worth keeping up.  Once we find a solution that is not able to be abused then we will put these sections back up.

Thank you.

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  1. Hi
    I ‘m trying to add me pinterest username but after that i selected 10 points for every like but wierd its not getting taken and its not showing the info that it is set so my username is never getting activated.please look into this soon


  2. Youtube subscribers haven’t been working for me.

    • Yeah Youtube hasn’t been working for me over the past few days either, and Digg’s stopped working a while back. Thanks for the great service! .

  3. Can’t you just bring them back, and ban those who were un-retweeting? Surely thats the simplest solution.

  4. Youtube likes sometimes are very difficult to “catch them”

  5. I find that both pinterest and youtube subscribers have been working smoothly

  6. Scams with tweets in section (Twitter Tweets) continues!

  7. Im sorry, but are you guys bloody retarded? you have added a 10 like limit per hour on youtube likes, so how the fuck are you meant to reach 75 in 6 hours if the maximum you can get is 60?

    • Not retarded. Just working on redesigning the Premium benefits and such.

    • Come on Brett take a deep breath and relax man. YLH’s is a free service… there is no need to attack Scott, because they do a great job here. My advice would be to be more polite, it will get you farther in life.

  8. I was trying to add my bands page to get more Reverbnation fans and it said someone else was already using it(which was a previous band member). I got them to remove it from their account about 12 hours ago but I still can’t add it to mine. How long should it take for the YLH site to recognize that someone else isn’t using it?

    Thanks so much. I love this site.

  9. I like this website, and I thank you for the great work. I admire your patience, and the way you interact with users. This is a wonderful site.

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