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  1. Hi I m trying to get likes on my youtube videos but when i set point on my youtube video it automaticly becomes off and i m not getting likes on my youtube video with this problem

  2. can i use bot to get points!
    i am katrina kaif

  3. the link of video on youtube i dont want views on it but my points are automaticly getting off coz people watching my video and i want likes. plz sort out this problem from my account

  4. Hi…one of my sites was flagged by someone and has been “under review” for hours…and my 24 hrs of premium exposure are ticking away. Thanks a lot for wasting my points! Scam site!

    • Under Review means that several users reported your website. Unfortunately this is not something that will freeze Premium. We usually approve websites within a few hours though.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Someone is seriously abusing the souncloud system, taking points with fake accounts.
    I already loosed hundreds of points from users named like: gawereeaag,gawereeaa,gawereea,gaweree,gaweta2aga,gaweta2ag,gaweta2a,gaweta.
    But this is just a little part of the joke.
    Please YLH take actions!

  6. Please YLH, it happened again! I must turn off the soundcloud payout because it has become useless.
    Same user(s) that takes points and run away:
    gawitoaa, gawitoa, gawitoawi1ata, gawitoawi1a, gawitoawi1, gawitoawi, phashehe12, phhehe12, phhehe1, phhehe, nowbadifaff, nowbadi11ar, nowbadi11a, nowbadi, gatgetawx1
    This is a serious issue to be considered urgently!

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