A Few Updates & Changes

– Referrals will now give you 300 Points instead of 100 Points.
– You can now receive 100 Free Points every day instead of 50 Free Points.
– You can now share your referral link on Google+ as well as Twitter and using the website/blog coding.
– You can now get some Premium time by Liking Videos, Following Twitter profiles or Pinning Pinterest sites.

Thank you for your continued support!


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  1. this is a solid update… THANKYOU! this site is getting better and better!

  2. This site is the best to gain followers/likes/ and much more!

  3. Nice enhancements! Bravo! You continue to drive your site forward. Very impressive.
    Say, when earning point on Youtube Views, I sometimes get “You didn’t view the video for the specified length of time.” Off and on. There is no cure, I just have to go away and come back later to see if the Youtube Views function works again. I haven’t noticed any pattern to this failure mode.

    Again, nice work!

  4. I need help help. Whenever I try to put in my channel url to add my channel so I can get susrcibers it says it doesn’t work. Please I NEED HELP!!!

  5. Free point GONE~ It’s sad that now to get free points I have to follow users I am not interested in, or like videos I don’t want to watch. i won’t be doing that. Ever hear of shooting yourself in the foot?

    • There’s a reason for this change. Too many users were simply logging on to get their free points and then leaving. This was creating inflation which was causing everyone to stop following, subscribing, liking etc. The point of the site is to exchange. You might have to like videos, follow, etc but because you’re complaining this tells me that you were one of those who simply just racked up the free points. This is definitely not shooting ourselves in the foot. It’s fixing a flaw and making the system stronger than ever. Sure, there will be less points handed out for everyone but those that put the work in will be rewarded as it should be.

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