New “Buy Points” Prices

We’ve lowered prices across the board for points.  You can DOUBLE or TRIPLE the points for the same price.

Thank you for supporting YouLikeHits!

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  1. Hello youlikehits, I wanted to say that I have points and give youtube in 10 points and no subscriber subscribes hopefully help me please.

  2. I have yet to get a subscriber for 3 days now. Seems that when the free premium and higher points was introduced, everyone put their youtube channels at 15 points. Up until then, I was getting 20+ subs/day easily. 😦

  3. Well, that makes the service not very useful to me now, as I was using it for subs and I don’t really have the time to like, poke, tweet, etc as many pages as I need to just to get 6 hours of premium. Plus it would take all the credits I earned during the day to get then that way. 😦

  4. I’m trying to “like” the 6 video requirements for 6 hours premium, now getting this on all videos after liking 48

    “We’re having trouble verifying that you liked this video. Try clicking “I’ve Liked This Video” again.”

    This is maddening.

  5. *Sigh* I give up. It seems the only way now that this system is useful is if you BUY premium. This will not allow me to like the number of required videos for 6 hours. I only got up to 46, and I need 60. I’ll be back later when the system us fixed. No point of working any further to get points if they’re worthless. 😦 Sorry.

  6. Hi! Just want to know if there will be ways to get more followers on tumblr.


    Look at how many subs I lost on a single day! And now that my Premium expired, no more new subs are coming in. This makes it seem like regular accounts are no longer useable. And why so many unsubscribers in a single day?

  8. You’re adding instagram, but not facebook?
    Instagram is owned by facebook….I’m confused

  9. Good Work admin . Thanks

  10. This is a good site.. You should keep it so the free users are able to still get subscribers and don’t get to greedy like all the other places.

  11. you need to do something about these spam twitter users. all i’ve been seeing over the past 24/48 hrs are ‘GET MORE FOLLOWERS MY BEST FRIENDS? I WILL FOLLOW YOU BACK IF YOU FOLLOW ME’ accounts. and they are ALL coming from here! can you block these (i’ve given up as they keep on coming!)

  12. great will do. email or here?

  13. Hi. I see you have changed the 100 daily points to requiring 10 likes follows etc. Why don’t Pinterest followers count?

  14. Some multiple Twitter accounts on here are nguquen001 with various 3 figure numbers at the end and trinhbay010 same again with 3 figure numbers at the end. Have also found similar with Pinterest with sedishin1 2 3 4 etc

  15. Say, I continually get “You didn’t view the site for the full 20 seconds. 1 ” while viewing web pages and Youtubes. Obviously I am not closing the window early. What’s wrong?

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