Removing MySpace

We will be removing the MySpace feature soon.  They’re working on a brand new version of the MySpace website and the current accounts are not going to be restored or saved.

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  1. Are we gonna lose all of our current friends/fans on myspace? we have over 275,000 on one account and 75,000 on another one. Where did you learn this information?

    • I believe you will. MySpace says that all old MySpace accounts will not be transferred to the new site which means that all of your friends would be deleted.

  2. Not quite the case. Neither CEO Tim Vanderhook nor COO Chris Vanderhook have decided with any finality what will happen to the old accounts. Quoting Tim: “There will be a separate section for our consumer base using the classic Myspace. We are going to leave it up for quite awhile. We will make a decision at a later date if we will ever take down the old property.” (ABC News)

    In my estimation, this is due to the number of musicians (including professional) who still actually use the old site to great effect. Regardless, as confirmed above by Vanderhook himself, the old site isn’t necessarily going anywhere, so that is not a concrete fact upon which to predicate the removal of myspace from youlikehits. Personally I would like to see the option restored, as I utilized it rather often.

    Just FYI.

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