Lowered Point Values

I lowered the number of points you receive from your Daily Points and Referrals from 100 to 50 and 300 to 150 respectively.

This change was important because the total number of points circulating in the system is increasing by 300,000 or more per day.  This number should actually be decreasing.  This is also the reason why so many people are having issues getting certain types of hits like “YouTube Subscribers”.  The competition level is just too high and everyone is offering Payout’s of 10 or higher because they can afford it and there are so many points in the system that nobody else is subscribing to get more points.  It’s a vicious cycle that needs to be fixed.

I will continue to monitor the system and see if these changes help the numbers to start dropping.  If not there may need to be more changes made.  Let me know if you notice any improvements in the number of hits you’re getting.


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  1. Although your decision is clearly explained, you should know that the reward is now far too low for the level of activity required for Daily Points. I’ve enjoyed and benefited from this site, but this change could be the end. There are A LOT of sites with this set of features, and only the most attractive ones get most of the visitors/traffic.

    • I’ve changed to a flat out free 10 points with no required work. This will yield more points to the total number of users while spreading them out enough to not harm the system.

  2. Please bring back Facebook!!!!
    It was the reason why i use ylh

  3. I have the suspicion you are withdrawing points out of the system, in that users offering high amounts of points (between 5 to 14 points) very often but randomly give only exactly 1 point to the user clicking it. Thus the difference is taken out of circulation such that in the long run, people need to buy points, since the total withdrawn is higher than what is payed by activities. At least the 1 point pay out occurs now at about 10% of the cases of youtube views and web site hits.

    • This is not anything suspicious. What’s happening is that the user is running out of points between the time you started liking/viewing etc and the time that you finish liking/viewing. When there are no points to be taken away from the user then instead of giving you 0 points we give you 1 point.

  4. I wont be using this site much any more.. Too much work for so little points.. I mite as well ust ask for follow backs for all this bs!! 10 points?? wtf can you do with that? now the only people who can do good pay outs are people paying for points! thanks for messing up a good things haaaa

  5. 10 points now? Are you f****ing nuts? You’re killing this site.

  6. I am “Liking” youtube for 9 , 8 or 7 points but system adding me only “1” point. WHY?
    any explain please?

  7. But there is no 1 point option in the dropdown menu in your system.. ???
    is there?

  8. system must add to me be at last 2 point.. isnt it?

    • If someone sets their payout to “10” then you only get “9” points. If they run out of points then you’ll only get “1” point.

      Same if someone sets their payout to “2” then you only get “1” point.

  9. Okay.. understood.. And 2nd q:
    Why some of my sites are still “under rewiev” after 4-5 days? if they must be banned please ban them or allow them.as soon as possible.and if banned , delete from the list please.. So I can add my other possibly allowed sites, I am new here , sorry for asking to much.


  10. Ohh.. I am sorry I forgot your your holiday.. Okay..
    Merry Xmas for to all YLH team and their families.. :))

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