YouTube Views Purge

After being notified that our site was listed on a few news sites regarding a YouTube Views purge we decided to comment on it.  YouLikeHits does not use “robots, spiders, automation or offline readers” to increase anything.  Our site is entirely user driven and nothing is automated.  Views, Likes, etc are made by real people who are promoting their content.  YouLikeHits is not the reason for some of these videos losing Views or being banned.

Users who lost their views or videos were promoting their video using other sources such as bots, add ons, or purchasing gigs on Fiverr (and the seller was using a bot).  We have had very few users affected by the purge but all of them had used other sources of promotion.  Any users who used YouLikeHits as their sole source of promotion have had no issues.


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  1. Hi i just want to let you knoow that Goggle cercles doesnt work in your site
    when i add any page, an error message appear
    Something is wrong with the page you’re trying to Circle.

  2. Hi There I just got up to 510 points earlier today and i dont see any results only video watched 5 times and all my points are gone? Can you please explain this ?thank you, Desmond123

  3. why do i sometimes get 1 points instead of 9-8 points when i like a video O_O

  4. why do i get 1 points instead of the points written O_O

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