Some Updates

– We have increased the number of Free Daily Points from 10 to 25!
– We also changed the wording on the “Become Premium” page to better clarify that it “COSTS” 500 Points to become Premium rather than it being just a requirement.

Expect more updates soon!


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  1. I don’t mean to come off as ignorant, but you guys need to start giving 100 free points daily with this crap. I am trying to subscribe to youtube accounts, and it is saying I will get 9 points, but for the last 10 accounts I only get 1 point? It’s just frustrating more than anything. I understand you folks are still an upcoming site.

  2. My referral link doesnt work can i have a new one.

  3. i use YLH for getting like on my video but even i have done 10 likes for a each video but still i am not getting SINGLE point whats this?????? they told me its 9 point but i dont get any single point whats this please solution or waiting for a advice!

  4. this is the video that is offering 9 point and not giving a single point u can check also i have only made one account per my ip! check it out please and waiting for a reply!

  5. i am waiting for YLH reply?:???

  6. My referal link does not work as well! It is :

  7. The daily free points feature no longer works. At all. What am I doing wrong?

  8. I cant recieve my free daily points.

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