Get New MySpace Connections (Friends)

We have added a new section to YouLikeHits for “New MySpace”. Increase your connections/friends!

More sections coming soon! What would you like to see added?

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  1. im unable to add tweets to my account says beta testing is there an issue

  2. its says retweets are currently being beta tested

  3. i select retweet it wont let me add tweets i get the screen that says its We couldn’t verify that you liked the video.

  4. i cant use the youtube selections i get this error: We couldn’t verify that you liked the video

  5. my facebook likes dont work my youtube likes and youtube subscription youtube views

  6. im banned from youtube likes me and my daughter was doing them at the same time from her computer and mine when i try to create her account i get a message stating that i already have an account on this network what can i do

  7. I have a long list: I would like to see song/video plays either via a song player widget or by clicking play on a web page (actual traffic directly to my page for song or video plays). Also I would like to add classic myspace friends also and get song plays on myspace. Facebook post shares and Tasks such as voting or post likes Comments etc. Thank you.

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