Bug Fixes and Updates

– We removed the YouTube Views tic-tac-toe captcha as it was causing issues for some users.
– We increased the YouTube Video Likes/Subscribers limit trigger. You will be able to do more likes and subscriptions before being limited.
– We fixed the Twitter section so that Protected and Suspended accounts will be removed from the system.
– We fixed an issue that was causing some users to see the wrong referral link.


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  1. I admin, can you remove the twitter account limits to add on YLH, I added in some months 10 accounts because everyweek I found my twitter account suspended. It’s very easy to receive a ban from twitter using YLH. Now I can NOT add my new twitter account because on YLH I added already 10 old accounts. Help me please i can not using twitter section of YLH. Best Regards

  2. Twitter has a limt , think its 100 or 200 follow/unfollower per 24hrs then the account gets Suspended if the user goes past it , is there a way to set it up so per user <— or IP a person wont go past 150-200 new followers in a day ??? or somthing to protect the noobs that think its a good idea to leave it on 24/7 and then they get there accout suspended .. some will think a limt is bad , but its the rule twitter has … just a idea

    Btw this wasnt aimed at anyone person .. just a idea

    • Now i have a new twitter account from some days and it works but i can not add on YLH because show this message “Uh Oh Your account has too many Twitter accounts attached to it. You can only have 10 Twitter accounts attached to your YouLikeHits account. This includes accounts that you previously removed.” Can you help me please ? I remove accounts only was suspended. Thanks

  3. hi my youtube username as spaces in it, so when they asked me for my channel username in the youtube subscribe section they couldnt find it, how can you help?

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