Issues with YouTube Subscribers

We’re aware of the issues users are having with this section and we are working on a fix.

Edit: YouTube subscribers now work correctly again.

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  2. The youtube subs aren’t working for me

  3. I did as instructed and YOUTUBE SUBS ARE NOT WORKING.

    • If they’re not working for you then you’re doing something wrong. Please link me to the YouTube account you’re trying to use to subscribe to other users.

  4. hey man now unban all user for subs!!

  5. Did exactly as instructed and subs still aren’t working!

  6. Im using this account and It dosent work for me!

  7. Hey, I click the YouTube subscribers option and it says at top, ‘Make Sure You Are logged Into YouTube As.. ‘ Then YouTube Username/channel and i am logged into my channel? i have also put my subscriptions to public and still doesn’t work? can’t gain points from subscribing to others either? Im using This Account:

  8. Well he cant add that account cause it is “” not “” its unable to oe added to begin with…. :/

  9. We’re having trouble verifying the subscription. Continuos !

  10. why do i have to subscribe to 50 fucking channels to get credits for one?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. doesn’t work this is my active acc

  12. Youtube Subs still not working 😦

  13. Hey man, my active account is –
    It’s still not working ??????????????????????????????????????????????

  14. Hi admin

    Today i found in yt likes page this message “You’ve been banned from Liking Videos for breaking our Terms and Conditions.”

    Why i can not like yt videos ?

    I do not break any tos.

    Can you help me please


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