New Layout!

Made some layout changes to the site. Hope you like them! Let me know what you think!

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  1. It’s nice, but where is the claim points daily icon? i was looking forward to get 100 points, and also could you please change the youtube subscriber system back to how it was because im having issues with subscribing to people, i dont get any points when i subscribe to people, therefore could you sort of the issue?

    • It should be there. It only disappears after you’ve claimed your points for the day.

      The YouTube sub section was changed because the old way no longer works. If you’re having issues please link me to your YouTube account that you’re using to subscribe with and I can make sure it’s setup correctly.

    • Looks like you don’t have your privacy settings set correctly. Go to “”. See that it’s not showing when you Subscribe to a Channel? Go to your settings and make sure it is set to show when you subscribe to others.

  2. iv’e tried that, and it gave me an error multiple times.

  3. Hi YLH i cant find my free point clam could u help me please!

  4. No “Claim Your Free Daily Points” button. It’s been 1 day 28 mins since the last time I claimed it, according to the history. Please fix it?

  5. i cant see my daily points green button anymore, do you still have that option?

  6. I haven’t been able to claim my points for the past week…

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