YouTube Subscribers & Video Likes

I keep getting reports from users that the YouTube Subscribers and Video Likes sections are not working. This not true. Both sections are working. If you’re having issues then it’s something on your end. Your YouTube account settings are probably not set to public which may be causing the issue.


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    Ah, this must be why i was not getting any points on the You Tube likes hits and why i was banned. it was only when i started to use the You Tube subscribe page that i read that i had to make my subscription and likes public ( this is not mentioned on the You Tube likes page only on the You Tube Subscribing page) you should mention this on the You Tube like page so that others like myself do not get banned for not knowing! Thank you!



    Dear Administrator can you please check my Youtube connection as i am still banned on the YouTube like page. (YouTube Subscribe and Views are working fine)

  3. Actually there is something wrong with YouLikehits. After a few subscripttions , i don’t get points anymore. Also with Twitter followers there are way to much suspended accounts and accounts which are delete and stuff. This annoys me very much.

    • I’ve tested the YouTube Subscribers section with several accounts and had no issues even after subscribing to over 20 channels.

      I couldn’t find any suspended or deleted Twitter account. If you click “Confirm” on those accounts the system will automatically remove them completely.

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