Rebooting YouLikeHits

We’re working on rebooting YouLikeHits. Below is a list of some things we’ll be doing to improve the YLH experience over the next couple of weeks.

– Removing Premium.
– Adding more forms of payment other than PayPal
– Adding new sections and updating existing ones.
– Improved Referral System and Tracking
– Improved Daily Free Points system

We have already added a new support system to YouLikeHits as well. You can submit a ticket to our support center at

Please be patient with us while we update the site!


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  1. Serious? This fucking sucks. Premium used to give me lots of subscribers. Also no one buys points.If the site keeps going down this way i’m really going to leave.

    • We’re doing what’s best for the users. Premium was only useful if you raised your points above the 10 point Payout. This made points less valuable. By removing Premium everyone has an equal opportunity to get hits now and your points just got more valuable!

      • I alwas have my subscriber points on 9: nothing. A while ago i discovered the premium stuff , and i put 14 points , and i went very good. No the maximum is 9 again , probably no-one is going to subscribe , and if this site doesn’t help i might as well leave -.-

      • The reason you received no subscribers at 9 is because everyone else has above you had premium! If you set your payout to 10 now you should see a steady income of subscribers.

  2. I’ve already done that since my premium run out 2 days ago… Still nothing

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