Monthly Archives: August 2016

YouLikeHits Updates!

Just wanted to let you know of some recent changes!

  • We now have a new $10 Points Package! Check it out:
  • You only need to do 50 Clicks instead of 75 to get your Daily Bonus Points
  • “Click Here to View More” in each section will now load the next page instead of refreshing the page which makes much more sense.

More to come! Thanks for using YouLikeHits.


Pruning some YouLikeHits Sections

Some sections of YouLikeHits were being significantly less used than others so we decided to remove them to improve our focus on the most popular sections.

We no longer offer MySpace, Flickr,, Vine, Twitch or ReverbNation support.

Thanks for using YouLikeHits!