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New Twitter Followers Review System

We’ve been getting some reports of people getting followed by fake accounts. We now have a new system in place that will require every account to be manually approved after they follow a certain number of people. This should dramatically cut down on fake follows in the future to an almost nonexistent amount.

Update Your Referral Links

We have changed the referral links. Make sure to update your links in order to get Referral Points!

Lowered Point Values

I lowered the number of points you receive from your Daily Points and Referrals from 100 to 50 and 300 to 150 respectively.

This change was important because the total number of points circulating in the system is increasing by 300,000 or more per day.  This number should actually be decreasing.  This is also the reason why so many people are having issues getting certain types of hits like “YouTube Subscribers”.  The competition level is just too high and everyone is offering Payout’s of 10 or higher because they can afford it and there are so many points in the system that nobody else is subscribing to get more points.  It’s a vicious cycle that needs to be fixed.

I will continue to monitor the system and see if these changes help the numbers to start dropping.  If not there may need to be more changes made.  Let me know if you notice any improvements in the number of hits you’re getting.

Become Premium on YouLikeHits

We have made a couple of changes to the “Become Premium” page.

– Premium from Likes/Follows/Pins only requires 50 now instead of 60.
– You now have 8 hours to get to 50 instead of 6 hours.
– You will now receive 8 hours of Premium instead of 6 hours.

– Premium can be purchased for just 500 Points instead of 750 Points.

YouLikeHits Changes

We’ve made a few changes today to the system to help it run faster and smoother with less error messages.

Let us know if you notice anything not working correctly or acting oddly.  Thanks!

New “Buy Points” Prices

We’ve lowered prices across the board for points.  You can DOUBLE or TRIPLE the points for the same price.

Thank you for supporting YouLikeHits!

A Few Updates & Changes

– Referrals will now give you 300 Points instead of 100 Points.
– You can now receive 100 Free Points every day instead of 50 Free Points.
– You can now share your referral link on Google+ as well as Twitter and using the website/blog coding.
– You can now get some Premium time by Liking Videos, Following Twitter profiles or Pinning Pinterest sites.

Thank you for your continued support!

YouLikeHits has a new look!

What do you think of the new YouLikeHits design?

History Page Issues

We’re still experiencing some issues with the History page.  Please check your “Settings” pages instead of “History” to see where your points are being spent in the meantime.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

YouLikeHits History

YouLikeHits History page was not recording the for past 12 hours.   The issue has been fixed.  You can check your individual settings pages to see where the points were spent during the past 12 hours.

Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused.