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Becoming Premium

You can now become Premium with Follows!  Previously the only ways you could become Premium was by purchasing Points or giving 200 Likes.  Now, you can also give 200 Follows and get Premium!

Facebook Page Removal & Twitter Following

Facebook Page Removal
Some users are getting a message in their History stating that their Facebook Page was removed because the privacy settings were not set to “Everyone”.  Some of these were removed in error and you can simply add your page again now.  The bug will not remove your page anymore.

Twitter Following
We just found and fixed a bug in the Twitter following confirmation.  In the past there was certain occasions where a user would Follow someone and the Confirm button would simply not confirm the follow.  We found what was causing the error and it should not happen anymore.

YouLikeHits Statistics Update!

A lot of people thought it was interesting to see the numbers behind YouLikeHits.  The last time I did this was July 19th and even since then we’ve grown bigger!  You can compare the numbers by checking out our older statistics blog post.

Twitter Followers: 975,781
Facebook Likes: 1,069,031
Google +1’s: 2,741 (new system only)
MySpace Friends: 24,065
YouTube Views: 592,959
Digg Followers: 30,339
StumbleUpon Followers: 15,717
Website Hits: 617,890

We also just updated the Buy Points page again!  Check it out.