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Daily Points Bug Fix

Just fixed a bug where the counter was not increasing from following some accounts. It will reward you now!

A New YouLikeHits!

We’ll be adding a bunch of new sections to YouLikeHits very soon and we have updated a few old sections. Make sure to check them out if you haven’t been on the site in a while.

New Features

What other social networks and features would you like to see supported by YouLikeHits?

Getting a WebAir page instead of YouLikeHits?

You may be seeing a WebAir page instead of YouLikeHits. If so, simply reset your cache and restart your browser. This should fix the problem.

Server Issues

We’re having some service connection issues today with some parts of the site including YouTube Likes/Subscribers. We should have a fix rolled out within 24 hours as we have to change servers. Thank you for being patient.

Edit: this has been fixed.

Some Updates

– We have increased the number of Free Daily Points from 10 to 25!
– We also changed the wording on the “Become Premium” page to better clarify that it “COSTS” 500 Points to become Premium rather than it being just a requirement.

Expect more updates soon!


SoundCloud Update

We need to grab new information for your SoundCloud accounts in order to increase the accuracy of the Following system.  Please add your SoundCloud accounts back to YouLikeHits to continue promoting your profiles.

New Features Coming Soon!

We’re working on adding brand new sections to YouLikeHits including LinkedIn Shares and Pinterest Followers.  We’re also looking into possibly bringing back YouTube Views and Google +1’s.  We’re also planning on making some big changes to some of our current offerings but we’ll have more information on that at a later time.

Thank you everyone for your continued support.