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A Few Updates & Changes

– Referrals will now give you 300 Points instead of 100 Points.
– You can now receive 100 Free Points every day instead of 50 Free Points.
– You can now share your referral link on Google+ as well as Twitter and using the website/blog coding.
– You can now get some Premium time by Liking Videos, Following Twitter profiles or Pinning Pinterest sites.

Thank you for your continued support!

Get more YouTube Views with our new system!

We just updated our YouTube Views section.  The changes we made will help increase the accuracy of the Views on YouTube.

Remember that YouTube caches all views and doesn’t update them for up to 48 hours.  YouTube also doesn’t always accept and count all views.

YouLikeHits Fixes

In the YouTube Views section: If a video has been deleted, disabled or set to private it will now get removed once a user attempts to view it instead of continuing to pop up.

In the ReverbNation section: You can now add any account instead of just “Fan Accounts” to start Becoming a Fan of other Artists Pages.

Get YouTube Views and Google +1’s!

We have added the new “YouTube Views” and a “Google +1’s” section!

Any suggestions on what else we should add?

A Few Changes and Updates!

We recently fixed an exploit in the Websites section that was allowing some users to gain points without actually viewing the website.  This is no longer an issue.

We also redesigned the YouTube section again to no longer require an active YouTube channel.  Let us know if this works better.

At this time our Facebook section is currently still up and working correctly.

YouTube Subscriptions

Our YouTube Subscribers section is finally up!  Let us know what you think and if you run into any problems.  Keep in mind that the username that shows up in your history is their YouLikeHits username and not the username they use on YouTube to subscribe to you.

YouTube Update

We are still working on the YouTube section. We are currently in the process of removing the views section and adding a subscriber section instead. We will post an update when it is ready for testing.

Thank you for your patience.

YouTube Changes

We’re going to be changing our YouTube section on YouLikeHits soon.  Instead of giving YouTube Views we’re going to be offering YouTube Subscribers.  YouTube doesn’t count views the same way that they used too.  They don’t count 100% of the Views and use some secret algorithm to decide which ones should be counted.  We feel subscribers are more important to our YouTube users anyway and this feature should be replace within the next couple of days.