Want to buy YouLikeHits Points without PayPal?

Want to Buy Points without PayPal? Good news! Now you can! Just go to http://www.youlikehits.com/buypoints.php?step=superrewards You can now purchase points using cash, mobile, bank, digital (bitcoin) and more!

Daily Points Bug Fix

Just fixed a bug where the counter was not increasing from following some accounts. It will reward you now!

YouLikeHits Facelift

We’re currently working on a facelift for the¬†YouLikeHits system. The new system will support limiting your clicks daily and total as well as limiting your clicks by geographic location. Ever wanted to make sure your points were spent only in your country and up to a certain number of Likes/Views? You will be able to do that in our new system that’s coming soon!

SoundCloud Plays Update

Due to the recent changes of SoundClouds Player system we have had to reset our SoundCloud section. Please re-add your tracks to continue getting plays.

Rebooting YouLikeHits

We’re working on rebooting YouLikeHits. Below is a list of some things we’ll be doing to improve the YLH experience over the next couple of weeks.

– Removing Premium.
– Adding more forms of payment other than PayPal
– Adding new sections and updating existing ones.
– Improved Referral System and Tracking
– Improved Daily Free Points system

We have already added a new support system to YouLikeHits as well. You can submit a ticket to our support center at youlikehits.zendesk.com.

Please be patient with us while we update the site!

YouTube Subscribers & Video Likes

I keep getting reports from users that the YouTube Subscribers and Video Likes sections are not working. This not true. Both sections are working. If you’re having issues then it’s something on your end. Your YouTube account settings are probably not set to public which may be causing the issue.

A New YouLikeHits!

We’ll be adding a bunch of new sections to YouLikeHits very soon and we have updated a few old sections. Make sure to check them out if you haven’t been on the site in a while.

Get Vine Followers with YouLikeHits!

We just added the ability to promote your Vine and to get more Vine Followers! Add your profile today!

Get 300 YouLikeHits Points FREE

All you have to do is get one of your friends or family members to signup to YouLikeHits using your Referral Link. Your referral link can be found on the bottom left side of your Home page once you’re logged in. Once they’ve been active for a couple of days and build up some points you’ll receive 300 points for FREE!

Bug Fixes for Google+, SoundCloud and StumbleUpon

Fixed some major issues with the Google+ Circles, SoundCloud Followers and StumbleUpon Followers sections. You should now be able to use them normally.