New Features

What other social networks and features would you like to see supported by YouLikeHits?

Want to BOOST your account?

You can now help increase the speed of your hits by going Premium for only 60 Points for 60 minutes of Premium. Premium let you increase your Payout to 15 and will also show your profiles/sites/content before non-premium users.


Having trouble getting Points for Subscriptions?

We have added new information to the “YouTube Subscribers” section to help those of you who were having issues getting your points from subscriptions. Click on the “YouTube Subscribers” tab and then click “Click Here for more information”.

New Layout!

Made some layout changes to the site. Hope you like them! Let me know what you think!

Issues with YouTube Subscribers

We’re aware of the issues users are having with this section and we are working on a fix.

Edit: YouTube subscribers now work correctly again.

Get Keek Followers/Subscribers

You can now use YouLikeHits to promote your Keek profile!

Bug Fixes and Updates

– We removed the YouTube Views tic-tac-toe captcha as it was causing issues for some users.
– We increased the YouTube Video Likes/Subscribers limit trigger. You will be able to do more likes and subscriptions before being limited.
– We fixed the Twitter section so that Protected and Suspended accounts will be removed from the system.
– We fixed an issue that was causing some users to see the wrong referral link.

YouTube Likes/Subscribers (Ignore our Previous Post)

We have figured out a way to keep both of these features on YLH. Ignore our previous post about removing them.

YouTube Subscribers/Likes

Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer these two options on a consistent basis. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Edit: We’re testing out a new system that we have in place right now that limits the activity you do in Likes and Subscriptions. It may allow us to keep the sections up but with limits.

We will have new sections out soon. Social Networking is growing and expanding on a daily basis and we’re going to do the same to catch up. Out with the old and in with the new!

Getting a WebAir page instead of YouLikeHits?

You may be seeing a WebAir page instead of YouLikeHits. If so, simply reset your cache and restart your browser. This should fix the problem.