Database Server Down

We’re waiting for support techs to look at the issue.  This should only take about an hour to fix.

We will refund Premium time to those that are losing theirs now.

Update:  The sites back up and we have refunded 2 and 1/2 hours of Premium time.

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  1. Yeah my like count to get more premium time isn’t going up, has infact been going down. I also lost some premium time, will I get that restored?

  2. Dear YLH today again your server going too slow and taking almost 02 minutes to complete 1 Facebook like.Is their again some issues with the server for Facebook.

  3. Getting very very few likes from past 24 hours. I’m on premium with my payout set to 10 points but still getting like 8 to 9 likes per day. What could be the problem?

  4. Dear YLH I am getting very few likes for my two fan pages.I am working so hard to get points and added almost 05 premiums to my account but get to no avail.Because I have get only 16 likes today.please see my account and please make fan pages at higher position.
    My username is Aaron

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