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2 New Sections! YouTube Comments and Group Joins!

We just added 2 new sections to the site! YouTube Comments are back and Group Joins! Check them out!

New Points Payouts for YouTube Views/Likes/Comments/Subscribers

You can now set your Payout up to 30 without Premium and 35 with Premium up from 10 and 15. This will give you more options on the speed and cost of your promotions!

YouTube Subscribers & Video Likes

I keep getting reports from users that the YouTube Subscribers and Video Likes sections are not working. This not true. Both sections are working. If you’re having issues then it’s something on your end. Your YouTube account settings are probably not set to public which may be causing the issue.


Having trouble getting Points for Subscriptions?

We have added new information to the “YouTube Subscribers” section to help those of you who were having issues getting your points from subscriptions. Click on the “YouTube Subscribers” tab and then click “Click Here for more information”.

Issues with YouTube Subscribers

We’re aware of the issues users are having with this section and we are working on a fix.

Edit: YouTube subscribers now work correctly again.

Bug Fixes and Updates

– We removed the YouTube Views tic-tac-toe captcha as it was causing issues for some users.
– We increased the YouTube Video Likes/Subscribers limit trigger. You will be able to do more likes and subscriptions before being limited.
– We fixed the Twitter section so that Protected and Suspended accounts will be removed from the system.
– We fixed an issue that was causing some users to see the wrong referral link.

YouTube Likes/Subscribers (Ignore our Previous Post)

We have figured out a way to keep both of these features on YLH. Ignore our previous post about removing them.

YouTube Subscribers/Likes

Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer these two options on a consistent basis. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Edit: We’re testing out a new system that we have in place right now that limits the activity you do in Likes and Subscriptions. It may allow us to keep the sections up but with limits.

We will have new sections out soon. Social Networking is growing and expanding on a daily basis and we’re going to do the same to catch up. Out with the old and in with the new!

More Bug Fixes and SoundCloud Plays!

Fixed bugs in the following sections that were causing some issues:
– YouTube Likes
– YouTube Subscribers
– SoundCloud Followers

We’ve also added SoundCloud Plays!

YouTube Views Purge

After being notified that our site was listed on a few news sites regarding a YouTube Views purge we decided to comment on it.  YouLikeHits does not use “robots, spiders, automation or offline readers” to increase anything.  Our site is entirely user driven and nothing is automated.  Views, Likes, etc are made by real people who are promoting their content.  YouLikeHits is not the reason for some of these videos losing Views or being banned.

Users who lost their views or videos were promoting their video using other sources such as bots, add ons, or purchasing gigs on Fiverr (and the seller was using a bot).  We have had very few users affected by the purge but all of them had used other sources of promotion.  Any users who used YouLikeHits as their sole source of promotion have had no issues.