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Increased Points for Referrals!

When you refer a new user to you will now receive 500 Points instead of 300 Points!

Points System Update Part 2

We’ve been monitoring the changes made in the last update and the feedback we’ve received. We’re changing the maximum Payout back to 10 from 12 and lowering the minimum payout from 5 to 3 (it was originally 2). Instead of removing 3 points per transaction we’ll be removing 2 instead. So for example, if you are offering 10 Points the person who interacts with your content will receive 8 Points. (10-2=8) These changes have already been applied.

This system should help keep points from inflating while keeping their value around the same. It should also allow us to increase the bonus points and do specials in the future.

Thanks for using YouLikeHits!


Points System Update

A lot of users have been noticing that it’s taking longer to get Hits even though they’re offering high payouts. This is because the sites economy has become inflated. Too many points are in the system. In order to fix this issue we’re going to increase the number of Points you can offer from 10 to 12 and the minimum from 2 to 5. We’re also going to remove 3 points per transaction instead of the previous 1 point. This should help elevate the inflation over some time. This will also allow us to raise bonus points and such in the future. The only section that is currently working in this new point format is the Twitter Followers at this time but the other sections will follow soon.

YouLikeHits Updates!

Just wanted to let you know of some recent changes!

  • We now have a new $10 Points Package! Check it out:
  • You only need to do 50 Clicks instead of 75 to get your Daily Bonus Points
  • “Click Here to View More” in each section will now load the next page instead of refreshing the page which makes much more sense.

More to come! Thanks for using YouLikeHits.

Pruning some YouLikeHits Sections

Some sections of YouLikeHits were being significantly less used than others so we decided to remove them to improve our focus on the most popular sections.

We no longer offer MySpace, Flickr,, Vine, Twitch or ReverbNation support.

Thanks for using YouLikeHits!

You can now use YouLikeHits to promote your Flickr!

We can now help you grow your Flickr Followers and Flickr Photo Favorites!

We have added support for Followers!

YouLikeHits can help boost your following on!

Google+ Shares are now on YouLikeHits!

You can now promote your Google+ Posts on YouLikeHits!

SoundCloud Likes are here!

You can now get Likes on your SoundCloud Tracks by using YouLikeHits! More new features coming soon!

Want to buy YouLikeHits Points without PayPal?

Want to Buy Points without PayPal? Good news! Now you can! Just go to You can now purchase points using cash, mobile, bank, digital (bitcoin) and more!