Points System Update Part 2

We’ve been monitoring the changes made in the last update and the feedback we’ve received. We’re changing the maximum Payout back to 10 from 12 and lowering the minimum payout from 5 to 3 (it was originally 2). Instead of removing 3 points per transaction we’ll be removing 2 instead. So for example, if you are offering 10 Points the person who interacts with your content will receive 8 Points. (10-2=8) These changes have already been applied.

This system should help keep points from inflating while keeping their value around the same. It should also allow us to increase the bonus points and do specials in the future.

Thanks for using YouLikeHits!


Posted on February 8, 2017, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 23 Comments.

  1. This is terrible news! The 12 point system worked perfectly!

  2. I’m finding that its running slow. Can you speed things up it was really fast at 12 points.

  3. can you increase daily bonus point make hit mode 100 give us 400 please

  4. This is great news thanks for this, will keep tasks finishing faster ty, Keep up.

  5. good news

  6. This is great news!

  7. Excellent news and another smart move! Hopefully the results will be even better! Keep up the good work guys!!

  8. That means if i set it to 3 points per click then will it really take my 2 point per click? Or will it take 3 points?

  9. now 10$ is not 1,500 Points, only 1000

  10. wow great newz

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