Points System Update

A lot of users have been noticing that it’s taking longer to get Hits even though they’re offering high payouts. This is because the sites economy has become inflated. Too many points are in the system. In order to fix this issue we’re going to increase the number of Points you can offer from 10 to 12 and the minimum from 2 to 5. We’re also going to remove 3 points per transaction instead of the previous 1 point. This should help elevate the inflation over some time. This will also allow us to raise bonus points and such in the future. The only section that is currently working in this new point format is the Twitter Followers at this time but the other sections will follow soon.


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  1. This is a good step, please take this step to all and in future increase it

  2. ترفيه و متعة

    if that gonna solve the problem then okey even if it gonna coast us more

  3. How can i upgrade point ?? please tell me

  4. Cool

  5. dosnt solve the problem coz points flowing not spending


  7. good
    i love it
    here we give my 10 points please

  8. Youlikehit shows 449 payout views but youtube shows 37 views on my video
    Payout on YLH shows from15 days

  9. what do you mean by 3 payout and not 1?

    • Previously if your payout was set to 10 the person who clicked would get 9 points. Now if your payout is set to 10 they will get 7 points instead.

      • So you took away daily bonus points. And also now it cost us more . But then we just get less when we try to sub to others to gain points. I was thinking of buying 300$ of points but the day before I got paid yall implimited this and now it’s just got cost me more money in the long haul to get less subs and views. Nty

      • These changes will actually make you spend less in the long run because at the moment the ONLY way to get any hits on most sections is to use Premium (20 points per hour) or at least have the payout set to 10. Once these changes take effect you’ll be able to set your payout at 5 and still get hits.

  10. Hello,

    I’ve noticed this with my campaigns, you are totally right. I think it’s an excellent move, and math principle is correct here. Let’s wait some time and see.. Anyhow, thumbs up for making this steps! Very appreciated!

  11. this is a very good site.i always support

  12. i always support

  13. Nice move YLH! but it may not help unless you reduce your BONUS points

    currently offered 200 points for just 50 CLICKs
    (creating 150 extra points per day per account)
    are you still Banning accounts due to high activity ?
    If so what are the limits

    Thank you YLH!

    • Thanks. We don’t ban for high activity, just obvious bot/automated activity. We’re going to continue to tweak the bonus points system to find a good medium.

      • Hi
        Currently offer level 12 is not stable it goes back to 10 after some time
        (I noted it on YT likes )
        hope you can correct it


  14. Why Daily Points Is 150?

  15. hey dear, thanks for nice website, im not get any returns from last 20-25 days, no any views no subscribers etc….. i have sufficient points but not get any activities and notification on my account… Please look into this and reply me asap…… My user: Heerinfotech143 (Mail id: heer.infotech143@gmail.com)

  16. It is very difficult to get more points…Bad

  17. I think it’s funny, the first time I came to this site, I had already thought about it, they already know the reality, if the government printed money to pay for everything, it opened a lot there, so it would lose its value and increase inflation, and In the end happened what I expected XD, except that this time, instead of creating money, generate points

  18. Everything is fine except for for the new daily bonus system which says that 75 hits are required to get the bonus.please do reduce it back to 50

  19. help me pls someone posrt my youtube video in youlikehits and freezed it and now i can’t upload it because it has been uploaded by another user

  20. This is very suprising. You guys, made daily bonus available from 50 to 75 hits for the same reward. When your competitors did it, they had the decency to increase reward aswell, not only the hits. That just makes you very cheap.

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