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Bug Fixes for Google+, SoundCloud and StumbleUpon

Fixed some major issues with the Google+ Circles, SoundCloud Followers and StumbleUpon Followers sections. You should now be able to use them normally.

A Few Updates & Changes

– Referrals will now give you 300 Points instead of 100 Points.
– You can now receive 100 Free Points every day instead of 50 Free Points.
– You can now share your referral link on Google+ as well as Twitter and using the website/blog coding.
– You can now get some Premium time by Liking Videos, Following Twitter profiles or Pinning Pinterest sites.

Thank you for your continued support!


Bug Fixes & Changes

We fixed an error when adding a Pinterest account that was preventing some people from adding their accounts to the site.

We also redesigned the Tweets section so that it now relies on your Twitter account.  This will help prevent people from cheating that system.

Premium is only obtainable by spending 750 Points for 24 hours or by purchasing Premium Points Packages.

Important Google +1 Information

Some people have been reporting that their +1 counter is not rising as much as their clicks are.  We assure you that each click is legit.  However not everyone has their account set to public which is why not all clicks raise the counter.

If you’re +1’ing other pages please make sure to go to “” and make sure you have it set to “Enable”.

Google+ Profiles/Pages

We’ve added a new Google+ Profile/Page “Add to Circles” system.  Google+ is google’s answer to Facebook.  People can add your page and your profile to their circles which are equivalent to “friends” and “likes”.

This new feature is in beta and may be very buggy.  Let us know if you experience any weirdness or issues.

Google +1’s removed

Google figured it out again.  +1’s seem to be dwindling away from many sites.  At least it lasted for a little while.  We will not be adding Google +1’s back again in the future.

Thanks to everyone who tested this feature out.

Now lets see if we can possibly get Tumblr support added.

Google +1’s are sticking!

A bit of good news!
So far so good on the Google +1’s.  The new system seems to be working.  We created the new system on August 1st and it’s now the 6th and we haven’t had any issues yet!

I personally added 2 sites and one has 351 +1’s and the other now has 301 +1’s both started on August 1st and have not dropped.

YouLikeHits Statistics Update!

A lot of people thought it was interesting to see the numbers behind YouLikeHits.  The last time I did this was July 19th and even since then we’ve grown bigger!  You can compare the numbers by checking out our older statistics blog post.

Twitter Followers: 975,781
Facebook Likes: 1,069,031
Google +1’s: 2,741 (new system only)
MySpace Friends: 24,065
YouTube Views: 592,959
Digg Followers: 30,339
StumbleUpon Followers: 15,717
Website Hits: 617,890

We also just updated the Buy Points page again!  Check it out.

Third times the charm?

We’re going to give Google +1 another shot.  This time with a different approach.

We’re pretty confident that this one will work a lot better however we will not be refunding Points this time around.  We’ve added a big red warning label stating that any Points spent will not be refunded in the event that +1’s start getting removed again by Google in the future.

If you’re a risk taker than feel free to invest Points in the new system which should be up very soon.

Update:  It’s up!  Try it out if you dare. 😉

Removal of Google +1

Well that didn’t last long.  I guess nobody can really outsmart Google.  They are the God of the internet.
We’ve removed Google +1 features because many users were noticing their +1’s getting removed again.  We did our best to create a system where that wouldn’t happen but Google figured out a way to prevent this system too.

We have refunded all the Points that you spent on +1’s minus the number of Points you received from +1’ing others pages.

If you purchased Points via PayPal or Google Checkout exclusively for our Google +1 feature please feel free to email us at for a refund.

Thanks so much for bearing with us and experimenting.  We’ve got a great community and we wouldn’t be able to offer our services if it weren’t for the such great community support.