Google +1’s are sticking!

A bit of good news!
So far so good on the Google +1’s.  The new system seems to be working.  We created the new system on August 1st and it’s now the 6th and we haven’t had any issues yet!

I personally added 2 sites and one has 351 +1’s and the other now has 301 +1’s both started on August 1st and have not dropped.


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  1. Great!

    Site is down change your servers.

  2. Yes, I am seeing results on my end as well. Great job! Kudos to all!

    Do you guys have a forum? I am willing to donate my Moderator experience in such an effort.

  3. i don’t know about youlikhits professionalism but i have mail them two time but they have not answered me yet.
    I have bought a premium time and also i have so much point in my account and i also select 11 payout for each.But unfortunately my like is not increasing and it’s 0.
    i hope this time they take some action to do something immediately.
    my account id is roshid2…
    and my email id is
    which is associated with the account.
    I am waiting for further action from you like hits because my premium time is decreasing.

    • We’ve only received one email from you. I will respond to it as soon as I sort out the issues other users are having that sent in their problems before yours. Thanks.

  4. Uhm how the hell can yuo have 351 google +1?? I put my site up the time that it came back for 10 points and i got 30 +1

  5. Some times website becomes very slow please fix it.

  6. Please change your servers, buy some better servers.

  7. There is a problem ”Ive liked this page!” Button is not working please fix it.

  8. I’ve just lost 50 Google +1’s, is Google outsmarting us again 😕


    yup loosing it again..

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