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Bug Fixes and Updates

– We removed the YouTube Views tic-tac-toe captcha as it was causing issues for some users.
– We increased the YouTube Video Likes/Subscribers limit trigger. You will be able to do more likes and subscriptions before being limited.
– We fixed the Twitter section so that Protected and Suspended accounts will be removed from the system.
– We fixed an issue that was causing some users to see the wrong referral link.


Bug Fixes and Beautification

Just fixed a bug that was preventing users from skipping Retweets and Favorites.   You might also notice that I made those sections look a lot more user friendly as well.

New Twitter Followers Review System

We’ve been getting some reports of people getting followed by fake accounts. We now have a new system in place that will require every account to be manually approved after they follow a certain number of people. This should dramatically cut down on fake follows in the future to an almost nonexistent amount.

A Few Updates & Changes

– Referrals will now give you 300 Points instead of 100 Points.
– You can now receive 100 Free Points every day instead of 50 Free Points.
– You can now share your referral link on Google+ as well as Twitter and using the website/blog coding.
– You can now get some Premium time by Liking Videos, Following Twitter profiles or Pinning Pinterest sites.

Thank you for your continued support!

Twitter Favorites and Retweets are back!

We’ve added the Twitter Favorites and Twitter Retweets sections again.  They now require you to add a Twitter account to your YouLikeHits account.

Bug Fixes & Changes

We fixed an error when adding a Pinterest account that was preventing some people from adding their accounts to the site.

We also redesigned the Tweets section so that it now relies on your Twitter account.  This will help prevent people from cheating that system.

Premium is only obtainable by spending 750 Points for 24 hours or by purchasing Premium Points Packages.

Retweets and Favorites

We’re still working on bringing back these two features.  Unfortunately people were abusing them to the point where they weren’t worth keeping up.  Once we find a solution that is not able to be abused then we will put these sections back up.

Thank you.

Get Twitter ReTweets/Favorites

We’ve added two new features.  You can now get Retweets and Favorites for your Tweets!  Just enter the ID of the Tweet and you’re good to go!

New “Twitter Tweets”!

We’ve added a “Tweets” feature to YouLikeHits.  You can post your site for others to Tweet on Twitter.  We only allow a user to Tweet 15 sites per hour.  It’s important that you don’t spam Twitter!

A Few Changes

We’ve made a few changes to the site as I’m sure you can see!

– You can now see your Points/Premium time from all settings pages and the history page.
– New accounts now get 50 Points after activating.
– You can now add up to 10 Facebook pages to your account instead of just 5.
– You can now add up to 5 Twitter accounts to your account instead of just 3.
– Added the “Ethics” section, please read and follow!

We’re always interested to hear suggestions and idea’s that will help better YouLikeHits.  Let us know what you think!