Bug Fixes and Beautification

Just fixed a bug that was preventing users from skipping Retweets and Favorites.   You might also notice that I made those sections look a lot more user friendly as well.

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  1. My YouTube channel is getting subscribed to by FAKE ACCOUNTS. I had a look at my subscribers and most of them have NO PROFILE PICTURE, NO VIDEOS and NO SUBSCRIBERS.

  2. Hi! I want to view my referrals, is there a link where I can view the people I referred instead of the History tab? I referred some from different blogs. If none, this serves as my suggestion 🙂

  3. Peter McLaughlin

    Hello? A lot of people have their Youtube Channel payout over 10, but I can only go up to 10, how do I choose a higher number?

  4. what can i do about my account being banned from likes who can i contact i wasnt doing anything but liking videos

  5. Ramesses Owes

    How come I can’t do the youtube likes because of a gateway timeout error? When I click “like video”, it’s not loading properly. Can you fix it?

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