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Facebook Pages

Facebook was down for roughly 2 hours earlier today and many Facebook pages were automatically removed from our system as a result.  Our system will remove a page if we can’t grab the information needed from the Facebook servers.  Since their servers were down no information was being grabbed.

You should be able to just add your pages back again without issues now.


A Few Changes and Updates!

We recently fixed an exploit in the Websites section that was allowing some users to gain points without actually viewing the website.  This is no longer an issue.

We also redesigned the YouTube section again to no longer require an active YouTube channel.  Let us know if this works better.

At this time our Facebook section is currently still up and working correctly.

Get 100 Points for Each Referral!

You will now get 100 Points for each person you get to join YouLikeHits.  You can also share your referral link on Facebook now!

Keep in mind that you will not get points until the person has been active for a couple of days on YouLikeHits.

New New Facebook System

You no longer have to add and remove points from your individual pages.  All Points that were on pages were refunded to your main account points.  You can still limit the number of Likes per Facebook Page though!  Just go to your Facebook Settings page and click “Set Limit”.  This will let you decide how many points you’d like to spend on a page before it stops receiving Likes.

We also changed the way you Like pages. Unfortunately this is something we had to do because many users couldn’t even use the old system.  Other users were having to click Like, then Confirm, then Like again then click the window then Confirm Like again.  That’s 5 steps!  The new system is only 3 steps!

Another thing I’d like to clarify is that all Facebook pages are set to International Likes by default.  You can go to your Facebook Settings page and click on the Checkbox to set to receive Likes ONLY from your country.  For example mine says “[x] US Likes Only“.

The New Facebook System

If you haven’t already read the post before this one please do so before you continue reading.

So far the new Facebook system has been a success.  Mostly positive feedback has come from the community through hundreds of emails and comments.  The only issues we’ve heard from users are that it’s annoying to continue filling up your pages with points.  It’s especially annoying for users who only use YouLikeHits for 1 Facebook page and tend not to have many points to spend as it is.  We have a plan to address this issue and make it easier for everyone.

I will go more into detail once the changes to the new system are put into place.

Facebook Changes

You can now control exactly how many Likes each of your pages receives.  All you have to do is go to your Facebook Settings page and add the # of Points you want to spend to your page.  You can remove the points too if you change your mind before they’re used.

We’re also adding a “Likes ONLY from My Country” feature.  In order to receive Likes only from your country just click the checkbox on the page you’d like to restrict Likes for.  Remember though that this will drastically slow down the number of Likes you’ll receive because your page will not be exposed to as many users.

We’ve given all active pages 50 Points to use in the new system! 

YouLikeHits Issues and New Features!

We’re aware of the issues the site has been having these past few days.  We know that it gets slow and eventually crashes and we’re doing our best to fix this issue.  We’re getting really close to pinpointing the cause and should have a fix soon.

On a positive note we have some new features coming very soon.

You will be able to decide how many Points you want to use for EACH Facebook Page.  For example, if you want a page to only use 1,000 Points then you will be able to limit that page to only using 1,000 Points.
Another feature we’re excited about is the ability to restrict Likes to your Country.  You will be able to decide between International Likes or Likes ONLY from your Country on every pages options.

We’d like to thank everyone who has continued to support us.  Thank you for buying points and referring your friends, coworkers, followers and fans!

New Unlike Tracker

We removed the “report unliker” button from the History pages because people were reporting EVERYONE instead of just unlikers which defeated the purpose of the button in the first place.

Luckily we’ve come up with a new way to track unlikers and it seems to be working very well! It’s automatic and has caught most unlikers within their first 10 unlikers (sometimes within the first 5).

We’ve also added the number of Likes your page currently has on Facebook to the “[name] liked your page” history updates. You can now track and see who became like #531 for example.

Report Unlikers

Go to your History page to report unlikers!

How can I tell who is an unliker?
All you have to do is go to your page and click “Use Facebook as [page name]” then click the your # of Likes. It’ll list everyone who has recently liked you. Just compare out “History” to that list and report the ones that don’t match up.

“I’ve Liked This Page”

The “I’ve Liked This Page” button will now only show up after you close the “Like” window.