Report Unlikers

Go to your History page to report unlikers!

How can I tell who is an unliker?
All you have to do is go to your page and click “Use Facebook as [page name]” then click the your # of Likes. It’ll list everyone who has recently liked you. Just compare out “History” to that list and report the ones that don’t match up.


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  1. I ‘LIKE’! πŸ™‚

  2. How to report unlikers? In this blog or via mail?

  3. on your history!

  4. @rick I know to compare my history with my list.. thats not my question. Please read first!

    Anyway, question is adressed to YLH

  5. i did read. maybe you need to re-phrase the question. anyways, obviously for ylh. my bad!

  6. @rick its not your bad.. i need idd to re-phrase the question πŸ™‚

    Anyway lets catch those thieves!!

  7. YLH is it possible once an unliker has been reported in history, the points be restored? as for now we still lose our hard earned points on these thieves!

    One more question, will the account of the reported unliker immediately be canceld? as this is very important in preventing these guys/girls building up points and sell their accounts.

    Also members should act fast but accurate on reporting.. dont give these sc..bags time to build points and sell their accounts!

  8. But sometime YLH gives me a message “We’re having trouble verifying the Like. Try clicking “Confirm Like” again. If that doesn’t work then click the green “Like” button and unlike the page after doing so hit “Confirm Like” and then repeat.” This “repeating” method does not always work. In that case I would just unlike the page, skip the page and move on to the next one. This could cause my account to be flagged as an “unliker” and get my account closed…? That doesn’t seem fair. How would you deal with a situation like that? Please advise!

  9. Hello,

    I have just gone into my account only to find a message saying , “Your Facebook account has been banned from YouLikeHits for Unliking.

    I have NEVER unliked pages; in fact, I applaud your recent effort to ban the users who do in fact Unlike pages. It’s been a real pain in my a**

    I am a pretty regular customer of purchasing points from / Porcelainsky for my account. Please look it up.
    As usual, with any effort put towards this issue people are going to abuse it (the report button). And perhaps that is what happened. But I do NOT abuse You Like Hits in any way EVER!
    I visit every day to help build my fan base.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you could Un-ban my account so that I may continue to use your service in an HONEST fashion.

    Thank you,

  10. YLH your report system works amazing!!! Out of 21 likers only 1 unlike ( been reported )

    Members should notice.. often fb nick differs from nick on history… so pay attention on reporting unlikers…double check first!

  11. ylh, great work as usual on innovating! however, just to let you know, i’ve had three or four errors come up after liking the pages and there’s no way of unliking. on the whole i don’t mind a few but if it’s going to be many then it’s eating up my precious quota without any points. pls advise

  12. Thank you very much for resolving the issue.
    You Like Hits FAR exceeds any other service of it’s kind,
    In fact, I would say you’re easily in a class of your own at this point.

  13. google + is having keeps reading there is a problem with the page

  14. YLH, what is going on with regards to correcting this captcha failure error and allowing the ability to like FB pages.

    Would appreciate your attention to this as I have emailed and posted here.


  15. why have you taken off the unlikers report thing on history? i thought it was working well?

    • Unfortunately people were reporting everyone instead of just the unlikers which was then banning innocent people. We’ve come up with a new way to track unlikers and so far it’s working very well. We’ve caught most of them within the first 10 unlikes automatically.

  16. lol yeah just saw the new post. again great job. let’s get these thieves! πŸ™‚

  17. I Cant get the point? It shows like

    “We’re having trouble verifying the Like. Make sure your account is completely open to the Public and no Privacy settings set. If your profile is Public and this continues to happen then please use a different Facebook Account.
    Then skip this page.”

    but i was changed my Account?
    pls Help Me

  18. keeps liking my fan page and unliking it and then taking more points each time he relikes the page. I’ve banned them but for some reason he came back and I just banned him again. ???

  19. My ‘Likes’ should say 99 not 115. Thanks for the 99 ‘Likes’ but this site is very frustrating. Btw it’s hard to report a site when there’s no button while you’re on the site to report it and it disappears from the page you clicked on it from. I’m waiting for my points to run out. Have a good one, bye.

  20. Hello, I just realized that a few days ago I received this message. A-phones was removed because its settings “are not for everyone”. I have no idea what this means can someone explain what this means? I try to follow all instructions and do everything the right way. Thank you.

  21. BTW I have lost approximately 200 Likes, I guess to un-likers, in the past few days.

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