New Unlike Tracker

We removed the “report unliker” button from the History pages because people were reporting EVERYONE instead of just unlikers which defeated the purpose of the button in the first place.

Luckily we’ve come up with a new way to track unlikers and it seems to be working very well! It’s automatic and has caught most unlikers within their first 10 unlikers (sometimes within the first 5).

We’ve also added the number of Likes your page currently has on Facebook to the “[name] liked your page” history updates. You can now track and see who became like #531 for example.


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  1. great job. you guys never cease to amaze me with how fast you move on these things! keep it up, really pleased with your diligence.
    have a great weekend chaps…

  2. btw, is there a way for us to be compensated for the hundreds of unlikes that we’re getting? the reason being that we are all on a finite number of likes we can do on fb as you know, so when we do lose these points it hurts those numbers pretty badly. just a thought…

  3. Yes this is right, peoples unlike the page after like it, now hope they will never unlike the page ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you admin for the amazing trick.

  4. sorry to do this, as i do think you have things in hand, but just in case, here’s some names that have unliked one of my page. this is really hurting due to the time and energy i am investing in liking other’s pages, only for mine to be constantly going on a negative with mass unlikes. there must be a way to take the points of these people and compensate us, otherwise it is just not fair.

    i have been wanting to pay for points to make my life easier for a while, but i just think it will be a huge waste of money under the present climate, which is not good for you guys surely?

    Gregoi Michelle
    Rakesh Mondal
    Amanze Price
    Himo Hemadri
    Ikay Akin
    Derek Gangi
    Waldemar Casseze Filho
    Aditya Luhung Vivarta
    Agung Whhitte
    Abdhol Cynta Part I
    Ashik Noman Anonnow
    Abdul Hafid
    Albertus Suryadi
    Gk Gammon
    Santa Islam
    Jon Recorn
    Phana Sam Stone
    Uyen Tranthitu
    Annie Sherrodgayz
    Honey Pie
    David R. McKinney
    Tamer El Gabalawy
    Mentari Njuice
    Shanty Gunawan
    Krishna Lahiri

  5. Yes, cheaters are back again ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  6. What happens to these “un-likers” anyway?

    They get booted from YLH, we take a hit on our Facebook insights and we still lose those points on YLH?

    heh, that sucks….

    I was about to pay for points until I saw these posts…Makes it not very worthwhile to get “Free” likes when most of them are simply un-liking right after they liked it anyway.

    Is there a way to take the points back from the account that did the mass un-liking and distribute those points to the account affected?

  7. @John, that’s just what i was asking. something has to be done to make it fair as otherwise it’s painful to watch all my/your efforts going to waste. there are lots of good people and they’re sticking, but a vast number are just taking the piss. i’ve reached a critical mass on my pages and the next logical step for me is to buy points, but at these rates, it will be a waste of money, which is something i’m not willing to just throw away. YLH must come up with a viable solution.

  8. OK, I have a question. This means we have to use ONLY the facebook account we have linked to YLH from now onwards to like pages? Because for me that account has hit the 5000 users limit long ago and it won’t allow me to add another one.

    So my only option to not be considered an unliker is…oddly enough UNLIKE all those 5000 pages to start afresh with that same account. I was using another account precisely to avoid unliking others’ pages which is against the spirit of what YLH stands for (I think)

    • Unliking is definitely against the spirit of YLH however at this time we only allow 1 FB account to be added. Once we’re confident that our Unlike Tracker script is detecting a little better we will open it up to more than 1 FB account again.

  9. Hy,
    Using different Facebook profiles makes your automatic system say I unliked a page. This is not right. Please fix it.

  10. @Admins : hey guysss…i have a problem…please see this…
    In fb,my page is ”
    before joining ‘youlikehits’,i had 106 fans…youlikehits is showing me that i earned ’66’ new likes by points…so total likes should be it is 167…why 5 people have UNLIKED my page ??? this is not fair…they are breaking the rule ???
    I want my likes back…else do anything to them …please…. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  11. Could you please block John Smith sometime soon who’s just liked me for the 4th time by my count but who knows how many other times I haven’t noticed?
    Bella Donna is another liker/unliker/liker/unliker…
    and your system isn’t getting them.

    • It’s not the same John Smith. John Smith is like a “John Doe” type of name and is being used for dummy accounts.

      We’ll look into the unliking from Bella Donna for you.

  12. it’s painful to watch, but my main page is constantly going down right in front of my eyes (nearly ten in the past few hours – not counting before of past days). if it wasn’t for all the effort put in, it would be funny. there has to be a way to get on top of this unliking business…

    • Mine too, the likes are getting down. This is just a waste. It’s like my efforts were for nothing. What should I do about this. Please YLH, Do something. I chose your site because I trust you. So please figure out a way to get these unlikers. What pisses me off is that I have never unliked anyone from here. And I want to be treated the same. I know for sure that people from here were the ones who liked and then unliked my page because I keep track of my unlikers . For exampleI know for sure that the last 7 in who took my points unliked my page. I had about 27 likes when I started and I know I have now about 50 likes not from this site. I also know that I should’ve earned 1,136 likes from this site. If you check my site you will notice I have only 1,129. So even if all of my likes from out side the site were to unliked my page I would still have 1,136 from here. Please do something about it. Check my account and you will see these numbers are facts. I know you will do something about it for sure. Thank you YLH for your hard work. I assure you everyone here know how hard you work for us. Thanks in advance.

      • There’s really nothing to figure out at this point. We’ve got everything we can possibly do to prevent them in place but people are still finding ways to continue ruining the experience. The only other option now is to completely remove Facebook Likes from YouLikeHits and that’s not something we want to do.

  13. same here..cheaters are now unliking after 2 or 3 days.. they noticed the weakness of YLH unlike tracker. With the previous reporting system one could track these unlikers even after a few days.

  14. i just had a thought. YLH, as you can see the unlikers are obviously quite resourceful and are always quite crafty in how they are going about tis. and i understand that due to the sheer numbers you are finding it hard to keep up, even with the deletion of their accounts. so my suggestion is the following (in case you haven’t thought of them):

    instead of reporting unlikers, have the option to flag a profile on our history and at your back end, have a system where if a profile has been flagged say more than three or four times by different people, then the systme automatically bans these profiles. maybe this will also take care of the ‘accidental’ reports (hence multiple flags from different users).

    penalise them where it hurts! if there are multiple reports, again, take their points and give it back to the ones that have reported the unlikes, as that way at least the fairness of the system is still maintained.

    i think taking away their points is the best solution, and by far the fairest for all the genuine users on here.

    since my earlier posts, i have had more unlikes, and it is just too bloody annoying!

    • Unfortunately our “Report Unliker” system was exactly that only it took 5 reports from different accounts. People who were unlikers were getting by just fine and people who were honest were getting reported. It just wasn’t working.

      If we give points to the reporters then people will certainly report everyone even people that were honest.

      There really is no solution here but to be proactive and hope that the current unliking system catches them. Unliking after a few days is not something we’re worried about. Unliking after a few minutes is.

  15. I sure hope this problem with cheaters can be reduced to a more reasonable level, and when it does, YLH’s should give all of the honest users some big bonus points for all of the frustration and countless number of points lost to these thieves. Most of the thieves also use a profile with only 2 or 3 friends, which kills any viral effect honest users are looking for.

    I have a couple of suggestions, just throwing them out there in case they may help.

    YLH create a page with a listing of links to of all the FB pages that were associated with the cheaters (pages they promoted) so that the honest users can go and “unlike” those pages.

    YLH’s may also want to consider, not only banning users who cheat, but also ban the IP addresses associated with them and post them along with their FB page links so webmasters who want to also ban them from their own websites could do so very easilyl.

    This may help to discourage cheaters more and improve the user experience on YLH for honest users.

    YLH could also require that users must have a “real” facebook profile, maybe 100 friends or more to use for “liking” others pages. The profile I use has over 500 real people,

    The only thing I can promise as an unhappy, but hopeful user, of YLH, I will not purchase points until this problem with cheaters is reduced to a more acceptable level. I realize that it may never be 100% fool-proof, but at the level it is now I am not even willing to like more pages because of how many points that have been wasted for me these last few weeks. YLH’s could be best FB tool ever if they can find a good solution.

    • Unfortunately there’s no way for us to verify how many friends they have before they add their FB account.

      The cheaters continue to change their accounts (both YLH and FB) and they change their IP addresses (even use different countries IP’s).

      Facebook has it so that the ONLY data that I can retrieve from a Facebook Profile is their name and default picture. That’s all. There’s no much that I can “block” or “verify” with this little amount of information.

  16. Even though unliking sucks, you guys have to remember that everyone is not going to like your content.

    So after a few days, yea, you might lose some people.

    Even with the business we are in, some people only like us for a week to get their latest photos, then unlike us cause they aren’t locals and will probably never find or need to use our site again.

    As much as this sucks, it’s the nature of the best.

    I’m more worried about getting flagged on Facebook for having a large number of likes, then dislikes within a very short period of time. That would throw red flags for me.

    If it was a couple days out and the people on here wanted to delete us that bad, then it is what it is.

  17. @john, i agree its part of the game. I didnt know Fb could banned one for having large number of likes in short period of time. Anyone knows fb’s tos on this? Sorry for offtopic!

  18. I agree as well that it is just the nature of the beast. I had a question. Can you only use one FB profile at all or at a time? I remember in this blog on another topic that YLH said that we could switch FB profiles when we hit the 5000 mark.

    Also, in response to all of the complaints about what YLH could or should do about the cheaters, I have a suggestion. Can YLH put up a page or a forum that is dedicated to what we could do as subscribers. The system will never be %100 but if we all get proactive I think some good ideas would come of it. YLH is doing a great job and I also think they have been more proactive with every issue than I have ever seen any big media giant with their service. I think YLH should be commended.

  19. thanks for responding to us all ylh. just wanted to pick up on what Dave said; i think it may be worth a shot. give us the names of all the pages of these flagged profiles, so that we can legitimately unlike only the culprits pages, so even if we don’t get our lost points back, we’ll at least get them where it hurts! to me this is definitely one of the best ideas. thanks

  20. I don’t know what to say. Do you know that since my last comment here I lost 3 likes. That’s like one an hour. At this rate, it’s just a matter of time before I lose all of them. At least, before you removed the unlikers report, I had some people cheating but not as much as this . I mean why don’t you go back to the system you used to have with the five flags and you can also leave a chance for ones who were reported to prove they didn’t unlike. And if they can do it, Then give everyone who reported the innocent a flag. And anyone who reported 3 people as unlikers and they weren’t, is forbidden from using his YLH account. So everyone will think twice before they report anyone who didn’t unlike their pages. I don’t know if you ever thought of this, I am just disparate here. Don’t want all of my efforts go to waste in front of me like this. Thank you anyway.

    • The issue with that system is that if an innocent person gets reported it can take up to 10 or more minutes to verify if he’s an unliker or not because it must be done manually. We were receiving over 10 emails an hour from users claiming that they were reported but were innocent and 9 times out of 10 they were innocent. The issue is that some users forget to actually use the Facebook account that’s attached to their YouLikeHits account. The other issue is that some users just report everyone.

      Even if this was a perfect solution though people would just get banned and then create a new account and do it again until they got banned again.

  21. @Omar, if i had even 5 unlikes an hour i could deal with it. not to belittle your efforts, but some of us are losing a hell of a lot more! i’ve lost over 30 since this afternoon alone (and that’s a quiet day!), just to put things in perspective…

    the more i think about it the more i think ylh should openly tell us which pages these unlikers are linked to, so then there won’t be any need to even ban them. we’ll all just unlike/avoid those pages and all other products, incl their twitter/youtube pages etc.

    • Posting the pages/accounts/profiles that they’re promoting might work for a few of the unlikers but a large number of them don’t promote anything at all and just try to sell their accounts for cheaper prices than what YLH offers.

  22. i don’t quite understand how it all works, but surely in that case it’s a question of allowing perhaps accounts only that have a page to promote on to ylh? i can see how you guys must be frustrated with it all, as it’s clearly going to impact on your revenue, but something has to be done. will leave it to you for now, but maybe it’s worth exposing those few page owners that are unliking as well. at least there will be some comfort…

  23. YLH, how are we supposed to like anyone now? Click on a choice, opens and the only button there is to “confirm like” but no way to actually like.

    Please advise.

  24. guys, i love this new system! whatever you’re doing it’s working as my unlikes have decreased quite a bit. like like like!

  25. YLH, got it working. Another issue I am running into is liking a page and not getting the credit for it and not being able to get back to that page.

    The liked page gets the like, I received nothing and they retain those points.

    Anything we can do about that? Out of 5 it happened with 3.

  26. Masum Hera unliked my page!

  27. Hello, I’m new here and have to say I was very impressed with how it seemed to work yesterday on my first try (I liked a lot of pages, and in return got points and then offered them to others for my pages, which got enough likes very quickly to get my usernames). However, since yesterday I have lost about 15 of the 80 likes I got on my facebook page – do I get these points back or are those people at least punished by having their points removed?

    I was going to buy points, but after this trial, I don’t feel confident to do so if such a high number then “unlike” the page after collecting the points.

    • Points can’t be returned because there’s no way of telling if the Like was removed from someone outside of YouLikeHits or not and on top of that the points would have to come from somewhere and there’s no way of telling who the unliker was either.

      We do have ways of finding out who unlikes frequently but that doesn’t stop them before they’ve already unliked a few times.

      This sort of thing happens with EVERY service that deals with real people followers/likes and not just fake accounts.

  28. erm sorry, i have to question that. we can tell who the unlikers are and where they come from! in case it needs clarifying, we just need to correlate our ylh history with fb and have been doing so regularly. if this is the reason why you don’t compensate us, we can PROVE who these people are! will you compensate us then?

    • The problem is that many users use different Facebook accounts to Like on FB than they have attached to their YouLikeHits account. Even with screenshots and comparing there’s still too many question marks. On top of that it takes a lot of time to investigate every single unlike which is something that is just not possible for YouLikeHits being a one-man business.

  29. unliker – Ilya Yakovlev

  30. well, that i understand, and fully appreciate. didn’t realise you were still doing this all by yourself, so on that note, hats off to you! as for attached accounts, i think therein lies your holy grail. maybe consider something like how twiends used to do do it (don’t use it since they took off fb, so not sure if it’s still in action) – have a central account linked to the various pages etc.

    if that can be initiated, then a) it might help us genuine users who have more than one page or products across the multiple channels, and b) allow you to be a lot more severe with those that work against the spirit of the community. having said that, i’m sure you are constantly thinking of ways, so won’t go into it too much!

    as for unlikers, this new system is great. saves a lot of time and energy and the unlikes seemed to have dropped initially, but they’re back to normal now. getting a lot of unlikes on an hourly basis, so at present it seems i’m topping up points just to keep the numbers constant, otherwise they would slowly just start decreasing.

    listen, whichever way i look at it, i have to congratulate you on a very valuable concept, and applaud your constant innovation. there’s nothing like this on the market, paid or otherwise, so it needs to be said that you have helped a lot of us in gaining a massive advantage with our respective businesses, so thank you for that.

    i’ll leave the forum now as i think i fully understand what’s going on, but will keep an eye on it from time to time for important updates. in the meantime, i’m just trying to sort out a few things, after which i aim to buy some points to reciprocate the gesture, and give you something back for your efforts.

    good luck and all the best.

  31. The new method is having problems now.I experience that most of the pages I’ve liked don’t give me points!

  32. But if I like 10 pages, 3-4 don’t add points.Check will you!

    • I’ve tested this personally with my own account and have no issues at all even after 30 pages Liked. Try using a different Facebook account.

    • This is an another error!!!

      We’re having trouble verifying the Like. Make sure your account is completely open to the Public and no Privacy settings set. If your profile is Public and this continues to happen then please use a different Facebook Account.
      Then skip this page.

  33. Facebook is not working fine, there is error again and again i like the page and it says we do not find the page like etc.
    plz fix it

  34. Something is wrong with the page you’re trying to Like.

    Sometime it say that we do not recognized you like it etc

    also after liking the page the loading time for other page is very slow,

    plz fix all the above errors…


  35. hi admin

    report bug :

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in /home/halo/public_html/youlikehits/likefacebook6.php on line 105

  36. I’m glad I notified you of all the un-likes ‘youlikehits’, and its not like you just ignored it you listen and found a way to monitor the un-likes, i have not liked, or followed anyone over the last week, just because of this reason, now you claimed to have solved it Ill give it another go… Thanks again guys, and just shows you care about your users!

  37. I had an idea. I think it will help you fight these cheaters. Can’t you make the system not show pages which were already liked before by an YLH account forever even if the user unliked the page later. I mean forbid the same YLH account from showing any page the user already liked before. So there will not be any point in unliking, because the cheaters won’t benefit from it. I think at least this will forbid them from taking our points more than once. You can also make YLH system remove any account with a history of liking the same page more than once “say more than three times”. I will look forward to your reply. Thank you for your hard work.

  38. @Omar, thats a good idea.. however cheaters also unlike to clean their pages.

    YLH why dont ask for a small fee if one wants to join YLH.. cheaters who get caught needs to pay over and over again ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Ok, I understand now, thanks for explaining (although in my case the pages had only 3 previous likes so definitely the Unlikers were from here). Still really pleased with it, and think it’s all a great idea and system, sounds like you are doing everything possible to deal with anyone cheating. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS Sounds like a good idea from Omar if technically possible, so that once you have Liked a page once, you can never re-Like it if you un-Liked it?

    Having said all of which, there are of course genuine reasons to Unlike – I myself unliked one page today – sorry guys, but I found joking about Twin Towers offensive and did not want to support the page that did so.

  40. Errors again!!!

  41. Hi YLH, seem to be getting errors adding fanpages, i have one thats dissapered, and cannot add another one, just wondering if there is a problem with the system, or my page, or my account.


  42. i love the new system…
    please dont change it…

  43. “We’re having trouble verifying the Like. Make sure your account is completely open to the Public and no Privacy settings set. If your profile is Public and this continues to happen then please use a different Facebook Account.
    Then skip this page.”

    I can’t earn point after like facebook , I haved change other account FB but same errors .Pls help

  44. i have a little problem…

    today i see two times this message “….was removed because your permissions are not set to “Everyone”….”

    My Permission is set to Everyone !

  45. I’m a new member of YLH and I did a little experiment. I gained some points and added my Facebook page and checked back in 24hrs.

    My page has gained 52 actual likes, according to YLH my page has had 77 likes.

    This is a decrease of approximately a third (-32%).

    Not great for a potential customer…

  46. My rate of unlikes are exactly the same at 32%, my history of that page shows 198 likes from ylh’s but the page only has 135 total likes right now. It seems a little high to me, I will keep track of the page I am using a bit closer now. YLH’s is the only source of “Likes” I have used for promoting this page so far, so I believe I can get an accurate count on how it is doing in reducing the number of unlikes since the improvements were announced last week.
    I don’t know it this would help or not, so this is just a little suggestion, imho, I really think that you could get rid of a good amount of the cheaters and dramatically increase the value of the FB part of your website by requiring users personal profile page not be some “dummy” account with just 5 or 6 friends. Require at least 100 or so, lots of people make extra FB accounts for using in a service like this, so why not make them do it a little better and in the spirit of YLH & FB. Getting your page liked by somebody with no friends is of no help at all and defeats the entire purpose of getting likes. Wouldn’t it be so much better to get likes from people with 100 or 500 or 1000. I like YLH’s so far, I have been using them for about a month or so. But I until the rate of unlikes get a little lower or the users liking my pages start all having at least 100 friends, I will not be willing to spend my money here. It’s awesome for free, who can really complain, you even give out 50 bonus points a day (thanks for that BTW). I know this is a 1 man operation & think you are doing a good job with it and hope you don’t mind the suggestions. My ideas are coming from a users perspective only, I don’t have a clue about how to implement any of my ideas, just thought it might not be to difficult to check the number of friends???

    • ^ Yeah I agree, just like you have to have a certain number of twitter followers in order to use that account. It won’t stop the cheaters but at least make it a bit more difficult for them…

  47. Hi @all…

    i have a Problem…i must klick the confirm Like Button many Times ( 3 – 5 ) to get the Points ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  48. FYI, using the Google Chrome browser requires that you confirm every FB like by opening up a new box, while the IE browser allows you to click on like and then hit the point collector immediately. Also, it seems unusually slow to a)give you your points and b)load the next page to like. I’m waiting close to 30 seconds between pages on the autoload.

    Just some feedback from a loyal user.

  49. Hello I had set my security settings to prevent a hacker from making changes to my facebook fan pages as I believe a hacker was adding their own choices to the listings for my choice of entertainers, favorite sports etc. Since this seems to be against You Like Hits Policies I changed this all to a Public setting. I am not sure why YLH has the policy but I believe YLH has recently banned me for making the change to gain better control over my own account. Today I tried to reinstate my Fan Page and i receive an error message. Please reinstate my account so I can use my earned points. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Yes!!! That’s what we call a better place ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thx for the update.

  51. Holy moley. Did something happen today? I’ve added 70 likes today, and my total number of likes has actually decreased. I’m not seeing a 32% dropoff. I’m seeing a 132% dropoff! Any info?

  52. Server is extremely slow the last few days. Having issues loading.

    Is it just me?

  53. no…same here…slow server….

  54. no the sever workes fast for me happy me

  55. I’ve liked 200 pages a day since the beginning of this thing. I don’t complain about the dropoff, and feel like guys like me are important parts of this system. We create the likes that get sold. We don’t unlike and we’re here religiously every day. But I can’t wait 45 seconds to get points and 45 more seconds for the next page to load, and continue to get anywhere close to those numbers. Why all of a sudden, has the system screeched to a grinding halt? No changes on this end, same connection, same computer, same operator. But what used to take me an hour to accomplish each day, now takes 8. I don’t have 8 hours to like pages each day. I suspect I’m not alone. Can you give us some info as to a possible fix?

  56. Hello, please respond to my request to reinstate my account, I miss using YLH and I have made only positive contributions to YLH. Thanks

  57. Is anyone else experiencing brutally long wait times to 1) receive points after liking and 2) to load the next page to like? Or is everybody else running smoothly?

  58. The server is working SUPER slow for me as well. It was running real fast for a moment last night but this morning one time the sire even failed to load.

  59. 1. I click the Button “gefรคllt mir”
    2. I click the Button “confirm like”

    After that, the first Button “gefรคllt mir” is inaktiv, i can click it again…i do this…
    Then i click the second Button “confirm like” and the first Button is inaktiv again ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nice Game…but no way to become points….

  60. server seems to be back to normal now. thanks!

  61. Hello Moderator, I am trying to add my Fan page back onto YLH and although it was added in the past without incident now when I try to add it I receive this message “You must have at least 1 Like to have your Page added. If you already have more than 1 Like then Facebook is telling us that your Page is not a “Page” but an Application. We currently only support Pages.” I now have over 3,000 Likes, and it worked perfectly well before since it is a Fan Page and not a “Application” so something is going wrong. Please help! Thanks for your consideration.

  62. Hi can i post my youtube video in place of webiste views portion?


  63. what would be COOL is if i could perform tasks all from one window- follow twitter, like facebook and subscribe youtube All from one window.
    So while one is verifying and loading, I can be doing another

    this would save a bunch of time

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