YouLikeHits Issues and New Features!

We’re aware of the issues the site has been having these past few days.  We know that it gets slow and eventually crashes and we’re doing our best to fix this issue.  We’re getting really close to pinpointing the cause and should have a fix soon.

On a positive note we have some new features coming very soon.

You will be able to decide how many Points you want to use for EACH Facebook Page.  For example, if you want a page to only use 1,000 Points then you will be able to limit that page to only using 1,000 Points.
Another feature we’re excited about is the ability to restrict Likes to your Country.  You will be able to decide between International Likes or Likes ONLY from your Country on every pages options.

We’d like to thank everyone who has continued to support us.  Thank you for buying points and referring your friends, coworkers, followers and fans!


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  1. Wou! Thank you for this post and news.
    I was realy in doubt, if using your site further. Now I know I’ll become your customer.

  2. You are very welcome! Thank you and I understand that sometime there will be issues. But I know you guys do your best. Keep up the great work!


  3. thanks for new feature.its good for us.But i hv still prb now. i say my prb here.


  4. i hate the new way to do the like changes please put it back the old way

  5. this is not a great way to do likes

  6. it do not work right i hit the like button and it unlikes it ones liked then i try again no go

  7. so i would like to no what i am doing wrong

  8. We’re having trouble verifying the Like. Make sure your account is completely open to the Public and no Privacy settings set. If your profile is Public and this continues to happen then please use a different Facebook Account.
    Then skip this page.

    when i tryed again?

  9. you guys have a lot of errors on your site now i like you site but please fix them

  10. So now there is no “Like” button to click to like the page. I’m having to hit the points button, then have it tell me I haven’t like the page but can do so by “clicking here”, then click like in a new windiow, close the window, then hit the points button again for the points. 5 click process if “used correctly”.

    Any hopes of fixing the problem (error) ?

  11. PLEASE HELP!! I love your site but as of today it does not seem to be working for my page. I have 72 points and my payout setting is set to 10 but I have not gotten even one new fan today. Still at 72 points since 8 am. I have however noticed that my FB business page now shows as a place when I do a FB search instead of a page…. Could this have something to do with my issue?

  12. I found to this be very useful before the crashing started. Now it has been two days and not one person has like my page. I changed my points to be 5 per Like so maybe that will make the difference. But I still think its weird I haven’t received any in two days.

    • Because we gave everyone 50 Free Points per Facebook Page there is a lot of competition at this time. As you know Likes are given out based on a queue and with a Payout of only 5 then you’re pretty low in the queue. I would suggest raising your payout temporarily until you see a faster Like income.

  13. Hello
    I am a youlikehits user on daily bases. Today is not a good day 😦 I hit the like button on your site for facebook pages, however it shows up on my facebook account that i like this page, but on your site i don’t get any points and i get a message that “You did not Like this page. Make sure that you’re actually Liking this page on Facebook by clicking here”
    Please, help.

  14. Why is the site so slow? How come when I try to like points higher than 7 most times it says that it was unable to like it? Please fix this, thanks.

  15. Hi selecting country system in Facebook page is soo good.. it would be better to add same system in youtube subscribers also.. Thank you !

  16. FB pages repeat…Please look into that..I’m fed up

  17. Facebook likes limited by country DOES NOT work. I have mine set to USA only and all my likes are coming from outside the USA. Look at the past 24 hours:

    You can see my settings:

  18. Hello.
    How to set to receive International Fans?!
    Thank you.

  19. I checked their pages and some of their pages clearly state they live in another country……… So whats the point of having a feature that people are clearly and obviously lying to get around? Not to mention you cant honestly sit their and tell me looking at their accounts that they are from the USA, no matter what they “may” have their accounts set too…


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