Facebook Changes

You can now control exactly how many Likes each of your pages receives.  All you have to do is go to your Facebook Settings page and add the # of Points you want to spend to your page.  You can remove the points too if you change your mind before they’re used.

We’re also adding a “Likes ONLY from My Country” feature.  In order to receive Likes only from your country just click the checkbox on the page you’d like to restrict Likes for.  Remember though that this will drastically slow down the number of Likes you’ll receive because your page will not be exposed to as many users.

We’ve given all active pages 50 Points to use in the new system! 


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  1. When are you predicting the fix to the unstability to Youlikehits?

  2. Something’s not working right now. …

    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’ (2) in /home/halo/public_html/youlikehits/header.php on line 5
    I cannot connect to the database because: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’ (2)

  3. My page doesn’t get likes!! Have the payouts increased?

  4. Great idea guys – you certainly are improving functionality at every step of the way.

  5. rite now it says i have the 50 points you gave us all.. i gotta add points to that to get likes?!

  6. Exchange points are not why .. and how I set the country’s favorite .. please explain to me video

    • I’m not sure what you’re trying to ask.

      In order to set the country though you must go to the “Account” page and set your country and then go to the “Facebook Settings” page and click the checkbox.

  7. Could you do the same for Twitter & YouTube? Likes Only from our country?

  8. I am not complaining about this, its heaven for me but all the pages are at 9 points now, why?

  9. I’m trying to collect like crazy but keeps breaking! Thanks for replying.

  10. I would like a page, it would try to upload a new page to like then it stops loading. I’m guessing people are either running out of points or changing the amount of points being given?

  11. i set my points to 10, but havent gotten any like for the past 30min or so

  12. Hey there! I’m an active user and didn’t receive 50 points 🙂 could you please help me out? Also I sent an email regarding my privacy settings but haven’t heard back – I thought they were set to everyone but apparently they are not? Can you please let knoe how I can fix! Thanks and thanks again for an awesome service! x

    • We added the Points to all active Facebook Pages. If you had a Facebook Page that was active on your account then the points should be there.

      If you’re talking about your account not verifying Likes then this is an issue that we’re still investigating. Certain Facebook Accounts for some reason just don’t increase a Pages Like count which in turn means we can’t give Points to these users. We’re trying to figure out why exactly this happens but we haven’t been able to recreate the issue with our own accounts.

  13. no. i left the box unchecked, so i can take all likes from all countries 🙂

    meanwhile, i also posted early, but the comment is still awaiting moderation.
    can we have a setting that would let a page take “all available and unallocated points” ?


    • Hmm. You should be receiving Likes then. What is your username?

      At this time I don’t plan to have an “all available and unallocated points’ option because it would be rather complex to implement among so many different options. The way the system works now it has to come from one place or the other and can’t be from both.

  14. Same here, set to 10 points and no takers yet. Usually this gets drained within a few minutes. Going on 15 mins now

  15. i’m still getting this error message when i click the ‘LIKE only’ option –

    You will only receive Likes from on this page.
    [OK]You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘where id=140301 and owner=63989’ at line 1

    I haven’t received any likes for the past 30 minutes or so. I have allocated points to the active FB page. Help please?

  16. Ignore my last message! I worked it out 🙂 Thanks! LS

  17. I´m getting one error when I click on the new button “Likes Only” on your fb pages. I got this “You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘where id=139537 and owner=92780’ at line 1”

    And no one is liking my pages, paying 10 here. Seems broken, can you fix it?

  18. thnx, i could see some traffic now. WOW 11 points. I’m setting it back to 10 🙂

  19. Ok, so here’s how my account stands right now: I’ve allocated plenty points to the fan page I want to promote. I set the payout to 10. Those points are not changing in value. They’re still the exact amount I originally allocated. I have not checked the Likes Only checkbox. And now my unallocated points are beginning to drop by a few points, even though I receive no more likes to my page. In fact, the unallocated points continue to drop if I do nothing and refresh the page after a few mins. Just FYI

    • I’ve looked into your account and don’t see the points dropping. The reason you’re not receiving likes at this time is because of the amount of competition there is with all of these pages having 50 free Points.

      • Then look at my account again. The unallocated points just dropped by 8 as of when I post this message. But I see your point as far as being in queue.

      • You will not lose points without receiving a notification on your History page explaining where the points were used.

  20. Hey there, just another question: how do we go back to not having a country chosen? I chose USA just to see but would be happy for it to be from all countries, yet can’t seem to change it back :/

  21. So I just leave the box unchecked right? 🙂

  22. I gave the page 10 points by like and removed the like by country check. added 100 points to the page, and still no likes.

  23. Ok, I’m confused. Do you ahve to put points in the fb account if you want to get likes or can you just leave all of the points in your main account? I only use fb and none of the other which is why I’m asking. I did originally put all my points in fb but then I got an email that said I was out of points so I put them back into my main account. Any help with this would be awesome.

  24. No wonder I’m not getting any “likes”. When you go load a page to life it, it just gives that animated status bar that times out after a few seconds. In the pastb20 mins I could only like about 3 pages.

  25. i get it now. means if i set it to “9”, i’m actually on the “8” queues..

  26. This never happened to me. Still no likes here and I´m paying max.

  27. Can you remove these pages:

    The Facebook page you’re attempting to Like has permissions set that prevent us from verifying the Likes. This page has been removed from our system until the owner changes the settings.

    So that i don’t have to wait for 10 to load to get 1 that I can actually like?

    • The system is automatically removing them.

      • Yeah, when we click them. But this takes a lot of time on our end. We’re helping the system do the work. lol

        I dunno what you can do but it’s pretty messed up that *I* have to click 10 pages to get 1 I can like to help fix the system. It’s really bad that we have to view them to get them removed. Can’t you make a user auto-view them all and get rid of them? I dunno, just wondering. It seems like it would be a better user experience if we didn’t have to help fix the problem.

      • We can only ping Facebooks server so often and in order to make sure a page is still active we must ping their servers. If we were to ping for every page all at once then we could run into bigger issues.

      • True re: pings. 🙂 It seems better now anyways – thanks!

  28. And now almost every page that does give a response, is this

    “The Facebook page you’re attempting to Like has permissions set that prevent us from verifying the Likes.
    This page has been removed from our system until the owner changes the settings.”

    That should clear the que.

    New system is broken. and broken badly

    • It’s not broken. Pages that are no longer active have been resurrected because they now have Points to use. The system will clear itself out. Like it says the page has been removed now.

  29. Yes that’s the problem I’m getting, I like a page, it tries loading and pops up the animated loading bar, then that bar disappears.

  30. I´ll wait for the fb Likes. Seens strange so much time and still no go. Usually it´s atomic.

  31. Hi again. would you be kind enough to remove from my post above, at “February 16, 2012 at 6:28 pm”, where i list out my user name and the url to my fb page.

    Thanks once again for this wonderful service!!

  32. It´s working like a charm!

  33. Okay, I’ve tried to follow along. I set a country. I didn’t check the box for US Only because I wanted everyone. I amassed 45 points with a payout of 6 and I add those points via the green plus sign. Still no traffic. Am I missing something or am I not set up correctly?

    • Nope, it sounds like you have everything setup correctly. Currently there are tons of pages with their Payout set to 10 though so it may be a few hours before you start seeing Likes.

  34. Okay, it’s moving now. That must have worked.

  35. Wait, no. Not working.

  36. I’ll set mine higher to test. If it doesn’t work by morning, I’ll check in with you.

  37. Succ-ce-ess! If anyone is confused, go to your account on Youlikehits, set your country. Then decide from the points you have to add or subtract via the green and red buttons on your FB settings on Youlikehits. If traffic is slow, raise your payout briefly. Basically this allows you to collect points and then send them to the FB section for the users to consume. Very clean and very nice. It allows you to collect first and distribute afterward. Thank you.

  38. Here is a list of unlikers.

    Jame Milner
    Franziska Baumann
    Will Reilly
    Date MyFamily
    Ana Mero
    Dee Richards

  39. Here’s the issue I’m having, I like a couple of pages, it then takes a longer time load the next page, then it stops load and end up needing to click Load More Pages to get more likes, is anyone else having this problem?

  40. I get the following message when adding my facebook page. there a solution?

    We could not find the page you’re Attempting to add. Make sure you’re using the correct URL.
    If you’re positive this is the correct URL then please Make sure That your page is not geographically, demographically or age restricted. On Facebok go to Edit Page -> Manage Permissions -> Anyone (13 +) -> (SAVE) That Also Make sure you’re not restricting Countries.

  41. Nice Changes …..
    thank u ….

    but i have problem …. i did not get any likes after u change this …!!!!!

    and i did not chose country i want fans from evrywhere and i add points …

    wut’s the problem please ???

  42. I have tried, but it does not work 😦
    please give me an example screenshot

  43. Hi,
    I have put 306 Points to start like my page with 5 points for each like.
    But noone is liking my page.
    why it is happening?

  44. Hi,
    I have put 306 Points according to your new system feature.
    With 5 points to pay out for each like of my page.
    But waiting for it. My likes are not being increased and points are not being decreased.
    It was working verymuch fine before the new system feature.
    Please help me out.

  45. Oh, its good, I think you can beat you competitors.

  46. Pls send me 1200 points for free

  47. I think its not good, if you have more than one page its very difficult to sign the points, please remove this and run this as running before. Please….

  48. hello, i set USA as my country, becouse my facebook profile is registered in USA.
    will be any promlems?

  49. One country is not enough. How to select more than one country at once?

  50. hello guys..why my number like on facebook page decrease then now i cant like another page to gain the points..please help me…

  51. how to gain a point?

  52. Plz remove point option this feature is not good

  53. Plz give 100 free points daily

  54. Last time when this new feature is not activated all my claimed point all used and my likes increases rapidally
    and now after this feature i got only 5 to 6 likes even i have 40 points left

  55. Hi YLH, an error came while loading

    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections in /home/halo/public_html/youlikehits/facebook4.php on line 3
    I cannot connect to the database because: Too many connections

  56. Hi YLH! I assume the problem is with the hosting server where you have hosted YLH.

  57. my username florenc and never get like from today !!

  58. Hi YLH team, when I load up a Facebook page to like, there is no “like” button above the confirm tab, is this a temp glitch or just me….thanxxxx

  59. you need to add same functionality for all features like google+, twitter, digg, stumbleupon and youtube

  60. System seems to have stopped me liking any more pages. Although the page avatar comes up, the like button does not??

  61. The like button is not showing up under the page thumbnail and above the confirm like button on both Explorer and Chrome. In order to like a page, you have to click on confirm like, then it says you haven’t liked the page but can do so by clicking here, then click there, opening a new page with the FB site, then click like there, close the page, go back and click confirm like to get the points.

    It’s a mess.

    Any fix to get the like button back in there?

  62. I have some suggestions: Why do we have to confirm our like after clicking the Like button?Why you don’t make it easier and faster with just one click of like button and done.We are confirming like twice and i don’t know why. The other thing is : Why you don’t display a list of point prices here?Do you have different prices for everybody?Thank you for doing a great job anyway;)

    • The reason for the two confirms is because Facebook requires one on their end and we can’t give points without making you click a button. There has to be a 2nd request to their server.

      I’m not sure what you mean by point prices being different for everyone. If you mean Payouts then these are set by the users.

  63. I especially love “LIKES ONLY FROM MY COUNTRY”. I’ll have one more reason to buy points when it’s done. 🙂

  64. This is great feature as once I forget to stop YouLikeHits and I wasted so much point.
    Now we have more control than ever over how much likes we need 🙂

  65. Now the facebook like seection not work correctly, when we like a page and verify the page, after every like the message occur please verify your like, Please see this and return back in its first condition, Please..

  66. The countries option is good but the manually adding points facility is a backward step as it means more work and is a right pain.

  67. I like it 🙂
    Compliment … and thank you for the free Points 🙂

  68. I never got the the extra 50 points and also I do not see this new system working at all…

  69. Dear sir… i have 50 point but my face book page dose not increase like… whats problem my username punjabian1947…… please tell me i m waiting…….

  70. Hi Sir,

    Honestly, I don’t like the new feature “adding points to page”. Things here gets more complicated than before just like facebook 😦 We just need a simple and friendly-user thing just like the old YLH.

    But I love what you have done when you change the way we like the page. The thing that clicking the button and redirect you to a user facebook page is really sucks. With that people can unlike your page after they got points. So goodjob for changing that feature 😀

    • This new feature is necessary so that people can decide how many Likes they want to give to each of their pages. This is actually a convenience because you don’t have to watch your pages, regulate the payout and then eventually either remove the page or turn the payout off when you’re ready to start getting likes on a different page.

  71. I would like to use the “Likes ONLY from My Country” feature… but there is none by my page. Where do I go for this feature? Thanks…

  72. I am really struggling to get any points, why did you change it from such a great system! I prefer getting all my points reduced from one pile, not divided up specifically to my pages… please change this back.

    • Why are you having issues gaining points?

      We changed the system because this is one the most requested features by our users. They wanted a way to restrict the # of Likes their pages received and they also wanted to restrict Likes by country.

  73. I don’t understand, what’s the difference between adding points and setting pay out points? YouLikeHits used to be so easy.

    • The difference now is that you can decide how many points each page uses instead of them using all of your points. This is important for users who have multiple pages and don’t want to give all of their pages the same # of Likes. It was the most requested feature by far.

      • Ok, it sounds useful. But if I ‘add points’ should I set the pay out at 0? Thanks for replying so fast!

      • The “Add Points” thing is another word for a “Budget”. You’ll need to set a Payout still but the Points added to your pages is the Budget that page can use.

  74. Past 5 hours I cant Get Any Like On my PAge Can u tell Me WHy?

  75. I havent been able to get the facebook working correctly. It misses likes, and it also stops loading more pages after about 3 likes.

  76. it would be nice to have the facebook points left listed below the main points rather then having to drill down another page to see it. please consider this as it is simpler and more user friendly.

    • We’re brainstorming how we can add something like this. The problem is that we’re planning on adding this “Budgeting” system to all of our options including Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Websites. This could get very cluttered if people are running multiple campaigns.

  77. YLH I think everyone else is having the same issues when liking Facebook pages too, they like 3 and then it stops loading. And yes I agree that the original liking system was much better, there was no chance of unliking the pages you liked unless you did it through your Facebook account.

  78. may i know how many people from Indonesia who used “youlikehits.com”, because when i set country Indonesia.. there is no one people like my page.. Thankyou 🙂

  79. P L E A S E – H E L P – M E

    Youlikehits doesn’t accept my website for Google+ Circles. Can you add it for me? 😦

  80. One thing has changed as ylh change. I click Like but my point is not increased. why?

  81. Hi There,

    The new feature you added looks really good. But can you please tell how to set the country since I do not any such option on the settings page.

  82. haven`t got any likes since 14 h. I have 167 points and since yesterday nothing happens.I haven`t made any changes at all. Can you please help me?

  83. I removed to set limit from one of my pages and ‘likes’ are still being added. I had to remove the page entirely. Meanwhile, another page has a set limit and the count is not increasing even though the payout is set the 7. This is not meant to be a complaint, but to make you aware of ongoing issues.

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