The New Facebook System

If you haven’t already read the post before this one please do so before you continue reading.

So far the new Facebook system has been a success.  Mostly positive feedback has come from the community through hundreds of emails and comments.  The only issues we’ve heard from users are that it’s annoying to continue filling up your pages with points.  It’s especially annoying for users who only use YouLikeHits for 1 Facebook page and tend not to have many points to spend as it is.  We have a plan to address this issue and make it easier for everyone.

I will go more into detail once the changes to the new system are put into place.


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  1. does this new feature debit your points before using?

    i had 150 points and then the next second i had “0” with no new likes …

  2. I still have not got a like in almost 2 days since the change. my accout is fiatfun.

  3. My account too (gerrymk) but I think it’s the new way of country targeting. Default is United States and it’s now not possible to change for international traffic in the account setting.

    Perhaps it would be better to give the user a language setting or let the user choose the country in the fbpage setting for each entry (if possible). Or it would be helpful like choosing country groups like Europe etc. But all in one the youliketeam did a great job…Thanks!

    • The Default is actually not USA. The Default is “blank” but when you go to “Set Country” it’ll show United States as the first option because that’s where most of our users are from.

      If you want international targeting then don’t click any checkboxes on your Facebook Settings page. It ONLY becomes targeted if the box is checked.

  4. Not gating points on many pages for liking them.Why?Also do not refresh automatically after liking 3-4 pages.

  5. Same here, I’m not getting points from several pages that I’ve liked either. Is the refresh of points delayed or something?

  6. Thanks for working so hard on your site,
    Also, thanks for adding the follow to your blog 🙂

  7. I’m still not getting any points what so ever from liking pages, I wanted to buy points so bad too! 😦

  8. I think the new facebook system is awesome. I would suggest though, making a way of setting the points to “use all available” or “All Available” so that if we just want the facebook page to take from ALL points we can do that. This way we don’t have to turn other point collectors off(twitter, youtube, websites, etc…) in order to accumulate point to add to facebook. Now of course we would still have the option to isolate the points used for facebook as well. I just think we should be able to decide when we want to isolate and when we dont. Just a suggestion.

    Keep up the great work! This site is the best. And I see nothing but wonderful things in the future.

  9. The pages are still not giving points even after I’ve confirmed he like also, I can’t do anything about it!

  10. Can you add this to ALL of the tabs?

    It would be nice to stagger the likes/follows so it looks more believable; especially for those that buy a lot of points.

    Even putting payout to 2 still gets an immense amount of hits in a short time.

    It’s hardly believable that someone could just get 1000’s of *real* likes in 1 day or even a week.

    You can get flagged and deleted for that on most sites.

  11. Why i don’t get any likes in my facebook page?? I set 2 points and set 4 for payouts.. why is that??

  12. My facebook added page magically disapeared and more than 1300 points that were added to the page disappeared as well. how can I retrieve my points?

  13. please do something i am not able to like any more!

  14. it’s so difficult to get points with these intermittent problems, e.g. i have to click almost 4 pages, before i get the confirm button, then to see these likes disappear when people un-like your page(s). There should be a better way to trace these cheaters.

  15. i have lost add point option from my page so i cant add any point to any of my facebook pages,please help me i dont know what to do???????

    • Please read the newest blog post. Thanks!

      • i have a another new problem i cant give any like to any fb page,i used to give likes frm the ylh page with out opening the page but now i cant do that and i cant even give any like coz inspite of opening my fb account it shows that it cant find my account open what is happening in ylh?it was a very good site for fb page owners bt ur new features cozing so much problem……..

      • What does it say when you try to Like a page?

  16. it opens a new window then in that window this appears Oops
    In an effort to prevent spam and malicious activity you can only view a Facebook Page once. bt it didnt happen before .i opened the fb account on a same browser like before bt now it doesnt work pls give me suggestion what can i do?coz i have a lot of work left and im not able to do it with this problem…………

  17. how many pages i have to skip i have already skiped 10 pages……….

  18. no its no use bro i have set a new profile url bt nothing happens

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