New New Facebook System

You no longer have to add and remove points from your individual pages.  All Points that were on pages were refunded to your main account points.  You can still limit the number of Likes per Facebook Page though!  Just go to your Facebook Settings page and click “Set Limit”.  This will let you decide how many points you’d like to spend on a page before it stops receiving Likes.

We also changed the way you Like pages. Unfortunately this is something we had to do because many users couldn’t even use the old system.  Other users were having to click Like, then Confirm, then Like again then click the window then Confirm Like again.  That’s 5 steps!  The new system is only 3 steps!

Another thing I’d like to clarify is that all Facebook pages are set to International Likes by default.  You can go to your Facebook Settings page and click on the Checkbox to set to receive Likes ONLY from your country.  For example mine says “[x] US Likes Only“.


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  1. why ?
    The old System was good… 😦

    • and the new system is better! 😀

      • there was a time when that other facebook quick like system worked..when it stopped working for me for whatever reason i realized one thing….when you hit confirm before hitting the little blue like button and then it like and confirm again it would work everytime…if i were to try and do it the way it supposed to be done it would load about 3 pages max and then crash…but hitting confirm first and it giving me a denial screen then i would hit the blue FB like button that is in teh same window and hit confirm again it would work like a charm…maybe there is a solution in that in regards to bringing the faster system back

      • Yes, that was one way to make it work but that was because it required you to do exactly what we have now.

      • ehhh kinda….what you have now is a bunch of windows popping up and sometimes FB just gives you a connection error box….with my solution it may be strange but everything stays not only in the same window but with three clicks that are all very close to each other…my solution is essentially adding one click to the almost perfect fast system…just bring the old one back so we can get back to liking and tell people to just do it that way… or make a new FB section with the faster way, so people it worked for can use it, and people it doenst work for can use the slow way..also have people clear their cache and cookies that seems to help me like a lot of pages in a row without it crashing…

      • call the old way classic and the new way beta; two FB sections boom everyone wins…

    • the new system for FB likes seems so difficult..its not friendly for the LIKES getting slow unlike thing takes time to LIKE and get points and because of this ,users no longer take time to LIKE the page ,thats why the LIKES added so very slow…i like the previous FB Likes system its more faster…thanks..hope you can find ways…

      • I’m seeing Likes come at the same speed as they were before. In fact I’m seeing MORE Likes transferring through the system than before. I think this can be attributed to the fact that so many users couldn’t even get the other system to work on their computers.

  2. the news System takes more Time to like other Pages.
    The old one was faster…

    Anyway…you do a verry good job here…thank you 🙂

  3. new system is very slow very very slow
    old system was fast
    it required lesser browsing
    pls try to understand and roll back it to old system

  4. I don’t agree the old system was faster when we liked other pages. and also it was harder for the unlikers to unlike the page once they have confirmed the like since they couldn’t know the page URL. I don’t know what to say but I am really disappointed in the new system I don’t want to have to open other’s pages to like them. it takes more time. Anyway thanks.

  5. Today, when I checked my facebook settings, I found no facebook page is added there. I now added the page again and set the limit but still I am not receiving any likes for my page. Its wired!!!!!! 😦

  6. Today, when I checked my facebook settings, I found no facebook page is added there. I now added the page again and set the limit but still I am not receiving any likes for my page. Its weird!!!!!!

  7. Why are you changing the system in a daily basis?

    Can’t you make stable as TWIENDS?

  8. can any one explain where i can find this:

    You can go to your Facebook Settings page and click on the Checkbox to set to receive Likes ONLY from your country. 🙂

  9. its great option to add “Set Limit” functionality because points are just confusing a little to add and remove, you made it user friendly which is good job.

    thank you.

  10. I don’t see any “Likes ONLY from…” option on my Facebook Settings page. There are a few options there, but none of them are related to “likes”. at all. I have looked everywhere. Where exactly would it be?

    Also I have set my page at ylh to only choose US, however I still get 40% of my likes from non-english speaking countries and they are pretty useless to me.

    I find the new layout super-annoying since we have to open new windows to like. the old system was better.

    • If you have the option set to only choose US then you already have the “Likes ONLY from” option set.

      Unfortunately people outside of the US have set their country to US. We can’t do much about that.

  11. i am waiting for the webmaster to roll back to the previous 5 steps method, it requires less browsing
    pls master…………
    i am waiting for your reply

  12. “Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

    The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few
    If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network
    If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
    that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.”

    Is all I keep getting for the past 3 days, I did manage to get in and put a fan page up, but unable to keep a consistant connection, is there server issues……Love this YLH concept, but of late, getting really unreliable…….cannot harvest any points, or spend any…..anybody else getting an unreliable connection……

  13. I am not able to add Points to my Page in order to get Likes.

  14. I see this is just the old system that was in force since a few weeks ago. The new one (that is the one you just replaced) was MUCH better and the unlikers are going to have an easier time now.

    When the present system was being used weeks ago, 100% of my likes were unliking. Not happy. 😦

    • We have tons of unlike prevention systems in place. Unfortunately unliking will happen no matter what system we use. Just like unfollowing happens with Twitter. The best we can do is hope that people don’t do it and punish those that we can catch.

  15. I am eager to use the new system of facebook but in my account i am still getting the older version.

  16. the old system was good, this new one sucks. on the old system there was 2 steps, like, confirm and yes if you clean your history, cookies and the rest from your browser the confirmation step will not appear.

  17. best performance of the site in days. I think you’ve got it. Thanks!

  18. where can I set that the likes only come from my country? When I go to FB settings on the left I just get shown the “Manage facebook Pages” page and have no box which I can tick. Can you help?

    • You have to set your Country first in the “Account” page. Then you’ll be able to choose to receive Likes only from your country via the Facebook Settings page.

  19. But many Users did this steps: “Like” =>> “confirm” =>> then “unlike” the same page…I have 45 points for maybe 7 Likes from other Users…but this Users Liked my page and then unliked it…:((

  20. Stop me if I am being an old fool here but I cant find the section to set up the country that I want likes from… Where is this option?

    Apart from that, great stuff…

    oh, and there will always be some that unlike your page after gaining the points – I would not let it worry you and just keep going as you will always be ahead of them.

    • The option will be in your Facebook Settings page as a “checkbox”. If you don’t see it then you may not have set your Country yet. To set your Country go to the “Account” page and click “Set Country”.

  21. I most definitely have no option to set “country” on my Account page – the closest I get is to set “Language” to US English.

    After doing so, there is still no option or checkbox to change the Likes under Settings.

    Unfortunately, I also see my Likes dropping as people are unliking my page just as quickly as they click Like… 😦

    • All you have to do is go to your Account page to set your Country. Then you’ll be able to restrict your Likes to your country.

      • Like I said, there IS no option to set “Country” on my account page. The “nearest” option is to set “Language”. Which I have done, to US English.

        And then there is still no option for (country select) Likes under settings. 😦

      • The “Account” page on YouLikeHits, not Facebook.

      • The “Set Country” on YLH was set to ‘US only’ a LONG time ago.

        However, it doesn’t seem to be working as I get just as many Likes, if not more, from India and Asia according to my FB stats.

        And I have never used any other service than YLH.

      • It is working. The problem is that not everyone is honest.

  22. I’m not receiving any likes to my facebook pages? I already set the limit for the page, now I am not receiving any likes.

  23. Why don’t you allow websites to be added to facebook likes?

  24. thank you , now i can give like on youlikehits.
    For others ,shut up

  25. I am not receiving any likes,i have 22O points but not getting any likes for last 4-5 hours–Please solve my problem–My username is Amadish

  26. i raised two points

  27. New Facebook system is great – leave it this way please.

  28. I’m not receiving any likes to my facebook pages? I already set the limit for the page, now I am not receiving any likes. my username is( hisoka199069) please help me … 😥

  29. This new system is hopeless. I haven’t got any likes in last 24 hrs. In the old system I used to get likes every 5 minutes. I don’t know what they did. If this continues the same way, then the purpose of being here is entirely defeated.

  30. I’m not receiving any likes to my facebook pages? I already set the limit for the page, now I am not receiving any likes.

  31. I cant add coins to my facebook the add coins thing disappeared on my facebook page settings on youlikehits

  32. the news System takes more Time to like other Pages….and we must always use this complicated FB letters before we like a page…:S tooo many lost time 😦

    • The old system wasn’t working at all for a many users. This is a necessary change and doesn’t take much longer. You also get to see the page you’re about to like.

      • yeah i know….but why do you not use both option?it’s better…i think …

      • Honestly we don’t want to see the page we are going to like. All we want is to get as many likes as fast as possible.

      • Not everyone feels the same way. I had a lot of angry emails from users that WANT to see the pages.

      • I beg you master please change to old system, it was so fast 2000 likes per day
        new one only 100-200 it takes so much time pleease frnd

      • I agree faster is better! things seem so slow now I have to use 25 other new sites trying to maintain my numbers. was the biggest and fastest when I started but now I think it is just the biggest. All the rest are faster but don’t have hardly any users but luckily I can maintain a decent number. I wish youlikehits would stop slowing things down it was one of 3 main sites I used since i found it but the changes have slowed things down so much that I have to go elsewhere to make up for the loss the windows take forever to open and after liking someones pages buy the time I hit confirm the coins are gone and I am wasting my likes for 0 coins it wastes my valuable time. What took me four hours to achieve in the past now takes me up to 10-12 hours. I am unhappy about things right now.

  33. Why don’t you run both system at once. People can choose which system they want to use.

  34. No i didn’t like the new system because every time when i like a page i get an notice from facebook that to change password because your site might me a phishing site..!!

  35. From last 2 days, i didn’t get any like for my page, Its very strange.

    My username : rahulmca2006

  36. It takes forever to load the new window and click “like” on it, especially if you are on a weak (slow) internet connection.

    I really preferred the old system.

    I wish there was a way to, at least, be able to choose between the two layouts in your settings. So that those who want to open and see the page they are adding, can chose that layout, and the rest of us can select to have the old format back.

  37. Make it 5 dollars per month………
    but get the old system back
    oh man we seriously need it

  38. Now this is nice with both systems, everyone gets to chose how they like pages.GJ:)

  39. 5 stars now!!!

  40. The great combination.Perfect.Great great work. 🙂

  41. thannnks a lot …. god bless
    5 star ……….. excelent work with both systems

  42. If people want to see the facebook pages the title of the page should be a link to them It takes so long for some of the pages to load and like then confirm that the points go away. I say let people right click the title and open it themselves if they want to see it, thats what I do on the other sites I use, it saves time if they just want visitors for their facebook maybe there should be a visit facebook section on youlikehits where people can post the links and offer coins for visits, that way the likes go faster and the other people get their visits! Like i said in an earlier post youlikehits was my main site until things slowed down, what I could accomplish in 4 hours on youlikehits 2-3 months ago now takes me 10-12 hours on youlikehits today. It is sad to see your favorite place go down like this.

  43. I love the new system! Great job YouLikeHits!

  44. I have been away from youlike and when I noticed that Facebook Likes were not accumulating, I checked YHL and I received this message: ” was removed because your privacy settings are not set to “Everyone”.” Please advise as what needs to be done to reactivate my account using youlikehits for my fan page. Thank you again for your consideration as I have 8,000 points to use!

  45. I love it too…:-)

  46. country thing is really good dude!

  47. Beautiful work on the new (two ways to like) system. That’s PERFECT. Let’s please keep it like this and hopefully more people will start liking again. I LOVE the way it’s setup right now. Thanks!

  48. Is liking this now, good work guys, nice and smoooth….

  49. I have over 1,135 points and have for around 4 hours. Why have I received NO likes since then? Please respond.

  50. I like it 😀

  51. To webmaster
    take a look over this free-facebook-likes
    what i mean is place all the like buttons say for 10-20 pages on ne page click like and confirm on one page itself
    it takes around 5 min for 300 coins in here
    they dont have user’s bec they are new….
    you have users take it to next level

  52. To webmaster
    take a look over this
    what i mean is place all the like buttons say for 10-20 pages on One page click like and confirm on one page itself
    it takes around 5 min for 300 coins in here
    they dont have user’s bec they are new….
    you have users take it to next level

  53. WHy have I not received my points in a whole 24 hours!!! I have over 1,135 😦

  54. Great system. I have about 8-10% unlikes in FB, but your system is still great. It seems like most people are very honest about the “Likes”. I don’t understand the advantage of unliking by those few people that do it, but I give you 5-stars for the overall system.

  55. is it just me or is anyone else also finding it difficult to like pages? either it’s an sql boolean error, frozen ‘confirm like’ button or ‘you’ve taken too long to like’ even when i do it in seconds. admin, issues with the site?

  56. the website has slowed down for me from past 2 days please fix
    when i click on facebook from their the whole process goes too slow
    and futher all the loading gets to slow around 10 to 30 secs to load

  57. I’m having the same problem; slow loading, ‘this page no longer exists’ and other issues regarding the Facebook tab.

  58. I’m having the same problem; slow loading, ‘this page no longer exists’ and other issues regarding the Facebook tab.

  59. make the website faster please can i know, when will be it.. fast again??

  60. same here…please make it a little bit faster….thank you… 🙂

  61. The site is so slow.With a fast speed internet and stil slow.It’s not worth it to wait for points:(

  62. I have a couple of complaints .. the like system doesn’t giuve points about 70% of the time, and most important THE LIKES FROM YOUR OWN COUNTRY ISN’T WORKING AT ALL. I have GB only on an account and all the likes are from other countries

  63. I am facing a problem in Fblike, when i like an page and clicks the confirm button than i am getting this message.

    In an effort to prevent spam and malicious activity you can only view a Facebook Page once.”

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