Get 100 Points for Each Referral!

You will now get 100 Points for each person you get to join YouLikeHits.  You can also share your referral link on Facebook now!

Keep in mind that you will not get points until the person has been active for a couple of days on YouLikeHits.

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  1. I have lost my facebook profiles and passwords, your system is now allowing only 8 accounts, i lost 7 just have one,
    is their any way we can use unlimited accounts, it wont hurt other users nor your website
    if you want, you can make this feature paid for a few dollars per month, to use unlimited fb profiles to generate more coins……..???

    Do reply please
    thanking you

  2. Please, please, do something about all those “like & immediately unlike” people.

    Whatever filter you say you have in place, does not work. Looking at my history, most of the likes I receive, are removed again within seconds. Those selfish members who abuse the YLH system should be banned.

  3. Can you guys make unlimited facebook profile option i.e. curently set to 8 maximum profile curently
    make it available pls…..

  4. please help me,in the last hour i lost more than 11fans/’s horrible because so many users do the same thing,they like at first my page and seconds later they unlike it..

  5. Hi YLH.Your website don’t let us to add the same fan page to more than one account on YLH.You said that we can add one page to multiple accounts.

  6. how to set the pay out to 1 coin as i see many others do it?

  7. Hello YLH, please respond to my inquiry above. The “unlike” people are taking over this site… Check my history to see how ridiculous it is getting…

    AND now there seems to be a log-in bug as well, and you can no longer add your daily 50 points. It just tells you you must “wait”, although it has already been 24 hours… and no count down timer…

    Arrrgh! I love YLH but it would be great if you would address these issues. Thanks!

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