A Few Changes and Updates!

We recently fixed an exploit in the Websites section that was allowing some users to gain points without actually viewing the website.  This is no longer an issue.

We also redesigned the YouTube section again to no longer require an active YouTube channel.  Let us know if this works better.

At this time our Facebook section is currently still up and working correctly.


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  1. Is facebook be closing ??

  2. No one liking my Page :/

  3. Bastian akhil

    mine too!!no one is liking:(:(:(what happened to youlikehits??

  4. Hi., I’m just wondering, I’ve got a thousand of points and I pay 10 points per like of my page but it seems the likes per day is not high, not like before . Is there any problem about the page or what?

    — Thank you–

    • Very high competition is the problem. Everyone has their points set to 10 and in order to get to you people will have to Like through approximately 3,000 other pages first.

  5. I gave 10 points last 2 days but no 1 is liking my page why???

  6. Facebook section is currently still up and working correctly !!!

  7. now the sites is very-very slow!!! when it will work again as the past???? 😦

  8. Now I like it ! Thank you youlikehits. Let me try it now. Hope I will not lose another hundred of points for no visits

  9. Algerian user

    -_- where is the like button -_- becasue people won’t open a page and like :p please we want the like button back

  10. Wow….it’s absolutely amazing ! I’m getting all the visits in analytics and the points are not dropping with the speed of 100 points/minute, even if I have set 9 points/visit !!! THANK YOU !!!

  11. So great that u keep up your facebook section. But i have a little problem, YLH is removing SItes from my Facebook Settings Sections sometimes. When i add them again it says that someone allready took this page and i have to add that code to the info section at my site to add it again. that works but its kind of annoying 🙂 Anyway im glad that you could keep up the fb section.. good work!

  12. I am not getting any sub to my channel, even i payout to maximum points i.e. 10
    what is the reason, my channel is successffuly added i successfully added points but did not getting any sub.
    plz help me admin

  13. When I view Websites, many of them give the following response AFTER VIEWING FOR THE REQUIRED 20 SECONDS – “You didn’t view the site for the full 20 seconds.” So No Points are given! What is happening???

  14. Is the same issue going on with YouTube subscribers? In see a lot of channels set for 10 points and what used to give me at least 2 subs a minute, now I get one in 6 hours if I’m lucky. And perhaps you should flush out the Facebook queue and send a notification to everyone that things are back to normal with Facebook and not to panic spend. The problem now is everyone is in a panic and dumping all their points and not liking pages.Otherwise this problem will never be fixed. Points are worthless now. 😦

  15. hello Is YouTube Views Going To be addec please tell me
    if no im Outa Of here :/
    Tell me please
    Bcs The addmefast has it :/

  16. The YouTube sub is not working and i can’t add accounts :/

  17. btw, will you add a YouTube Views/Like section?

  18. U provide us a great service thnx alot 4 ur help 2 grow up our pages likes

  19. The problem is now becoming problematic I will be watching the sit the counter goese down to 1 or zero and the give this message.

    You didn’t view the site for the full 20 seconds.


    • Are you possibly trying to view 2 sites at once?

      • No but I do have other tab open but I view the site I’m viewing remains the open site the whole time. With no switching between tabs. It seems to be real hit and miss I starting to wonder if the site I’m viewing might be doing something?

  20. Bastian akhil

    Could you please add ReverbNation fans too!!Then it’ll be amazing!!


  21. could you allow the daily free points to be applied to twitter followers too? i really wish you didnt have to do any likes to get the ‘free points’ but if you have to do something make it equal cause not everyone uses the facebook portion of the site (most do though… just saying there are some of us)


    Hi whats this for a error:

    We’re having trouble confirming that you Liked this page. Please try Liking with both options available. If that doesn’t work please make sure you didn’t hit your Like limit and that your profile is public.

    never see this before i try both variants on Facebook likes but always this message is popup.

    Can you check this Pls?!

    Have like today on YLH maybe 30 sites maximal and now its stopped working.

    Evertime i press with my mouse confirm it giving the message on top

    • Facebook has a “Like Limit”. You can only like a certain number of pages total on any Facebook account and that limit is different depending on account age and other factors.

  23. are you guys ever thinking about brining soundcloud following and such to the site? would be a large market

  24. Algerian user

    plrase refresh FACEBOOK the new like button doesn’t work 100% -__- we have to confirm and many trubbles are there

  25. Heyyy YLH…did u fix the issue of facebook request of removing facebook like feature,,we can use fb like feature now or it is temporary for a time?

  26. Hi – I’m new to your site. I would like to start liking other people’s pages but I do not see where I go to do this. I have clicked on every link I think on your site and I still do not see where to do this. Can you help me? Thanks!

    • Click on the “Facebook Likes” tab on the left side.

      • I did but I am not shown anybody pages to like. All I get is this message:

        Add a Facebook Account
        In order to start Liking pages you must first add a Facebook account to your YouLikeHits profile.
        Add an Account

        And yes, my pages are added so I don’t understand why I get a blank page. Thank you for helping!


    Oh seems its running Fine now i can click both like buttons on Facebook Earns.

    Well Nice to see that YLH is Back Alive 😉

    All is running Fine now Thank you very much 😉

  28. hey thanks for the amazing tool!. will be great if you do a RT (re tweet) seccion

  29. Could you allowed 15 points for the YouTube section too? It doesn’t work right now :/

  30. Hey YLH Team. How long will u keep up the 15 Points Fb Run? The Red Message dissapeared so i wondered if will keep it up forever?

  31. I am in toruble please help me admin, i am not getting youtube subs, i have payout to 10 but no one is subing my channel plz help me.

  32. Algerian user

    I’m afraid that FACEBOOK will see my page on your web site and then they will REMOVE it 😦 can they do that ?

  33. i tried to like the facebook like button but it shows error. is that any thing wron i did.???? waitin….



    +1 The Reason is not YLH

    All is running fine on my End and i use only 1 FB account.


    If this is the 3rd account that its Banned why did you write it here?!

    You should know now what you are doing wrong Facebook did not Ban any Accounts for No Reason so stop you way that you are doing stay fair and then you will have no Problems with Both Sites!!!

  35. Admin i have a advice ..

    Can you please put 3 options to choose our country from where we got likes, now there is just one country option , kindly make it 3 ..

  36. admin i have a suggesion ..

    kindly make 3 options in country choose , now there is only one , please make it 3 so that we also get likes from neighbouring countries

  37. youtube is occuring problem when i sub the channel it say

    Something is wrong with the account you’re trying to subscribe to

    i have tried to skip the couple of accounts but it still occuring prob plz fix..

  38. proostconsultancy

    Hi there I can not login to my account anymore it gives the following error:

    “We couldn’t find an account matching the username and password you entered.
    This means that the account doesn’t exist or you entered the wrong information.”

    I am 100% sure the details I filled in are correct and when Io try to recover my password it says it doesn’t know my email address.

    Please advise my username is proostconsultancy

    Thanks in advance!

    • Your account was deleted for breaking the ethics code listed on the site.

      • proostconsultancy

        Which one specific as I think there is a misunderstanding I only had this account a couple of weeks and didn’t even use it for Facebook or Twitter yet only collected some points so far mainly the free ones?!?

  39. hey guys, have you delete my account? is it a mistake or what, I can’t log into my account, it says that my username doesn’t exist so I create one, and all of my points are gone, what’s up guys?

  40. Can we get a You Tube like section going as well? It seems to be a hit on other like 4 like sites…

  41. I am not getting subscribers anymore…Is this the same thing with facebook likes? Everyone setting their payout to 10, and they have to get through the other people to get to mine?

  42. I am not able to like pages without it saying having trouble confirming this, also if I go straight to liking page when I click like it reverts back to unlike. Can anyone help.

  43. after the update, im receivin only 2 facebook’s likes each hour even if the payout is 15.whats happened!!!

  44. No one is liking my page on payout 15 😦 1 like in 2 hours ? admin ??

  45. i also have issue with it… it is saying you are subscribing to wrong page ..or too many likes .

  46. Je Vien D’ajouter Une Page Facebook & On me dit que la page éxiste déja Aider Moi svvvpppp 😦

  47. I want to increase the bumber of likes on my photos and staus i hve uploaded on my facebook account.wat shld i do ? ?

  48. Hi – I’m new to site. I would like to start liking other people’s pages but I do not see where I go to do this. I have clicked on every link I think on your site and I still do not see where to do this. Can you help ? Thanks!

  49. i’m having an issue with my account. it says i have no facebook account set up so i cant like other peoples page but people can like mine. im not sure what is up with that?

  50. Hi, when I click like it says its having trouble confirming this, so I open up in a new window and click like but get the same results.Could you help please.

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