Get YouTube Views and Google +1’s!

We have added the new “YouTube Views” and a “Google +1’s” section!

Any suggestions on what else we should add?

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  1. Sounds great! Youtube Likes as well!

  2. Excellent work youlikehit i love youlikehits 🙂
    Also plz get youtube likes 🙂


  3. For some reason I cannot get anyone to subscribe anymore. I have 800 points, and even set it to ’10 points’ for every subscriber I get, and I haven’t had a subscriber for a while now. Plus can you make one where we can get Facebook friends? I’d make it to where you can only add 15 people per DAY though so you don’t catch crap from FB, and so people don’t get banned like I did for 14 days.

    • There is very high competition in the YouTube Subscribers section and unfortunately not many people are subscribing.

      I don’t think a Facebook friends feature would be very good though because they have strict limits on them.

      • Well I added my friends youtube and put it to 10 as well, and people started to subscribe right away. Also, how do you get premium time with the youtube section?

  4. Hi,

    I am unable to login to youlikehits , everytime I try I get the message ” We couldn’t find an account matching the username and password you entered.
    This means that the account doesn’t exist or you entered the wrong information.” . Although I am able to see the logout , buy points , account tabs . Kindly look into this .

  5. It’s appenrently not working right now :/

  6. moataz beheta

    you can add “YouTube Video Likes”
    and also you can change Website Hits to “Website Hits (Autosurf)”

  7. SoundCloud followers would be great!

  8. You tube views are dangerous as the source can be identified in analytics which can lead to being banned on You tube for using services which artificially or solicits trade-for to create views.

    You tube “likes” are a lot more noninvasive to analytics…

    Perhaps adding the function for “likes” would be great.

  9. Would love to see a retweet and facebook share function!

  10. Youtube likes FTW man get that up asap guys


  12. I got about 50 a click google +1 in my account youlikehits but is not valid click,my website has not registered even 1 click.. Why?

    • What is your website? If you don’t set the “href” on your site then the value will be different. Google +1’s work per page. “” would have a different number of +1’s than “”.

  13. How about increasing the payout to up to 15 for YouTube subscribers like you did for Facebook likes? I’ve been trying for several days and I am not able to get a single subscriber. We need to flush some of these channels out too, like all the ones that come up and say “Invalid User”. There is an awful lot of them.

    • I agree with this big time. Also, make it to where you can get premium time, by subscribing and STAYING subscribed to a certain amount of people. Not complaining YLH…just giving feedback from personal experiences lol.

  14. I know that, I have my site and in my account youlikehits I add idem. In my account youlikehits number of +1′s is 180 as I had in my site, after I received 50 click , 180 still remained.

    • I don’t see this site in our database. Make sure that the “+1” button you have on your actual site has the “href” tag set as well.

  15. Instead get +1′s click I get Unlike 😦

  16. Hi. I am getting a bunch of ‘Clicks’ for +1’s…. but not a lot of +1’s. Users are taking my points but not giving up the +1. Does anyone know why? Is it a glitch in the system?

  17. Hi
    i have the same issue.26 clicks from users and only 8 +1’s

  18. I’m starting to drop me… 😦 Now I have 169 click +1 . decrease instead grow 😦

  19. You should add a Retweet option, that would be awesome ! 🙂

  20. The Facebook Like Section is bugin.. if i want to “skip a page” it says “This page no longer exist” and i have to go back to the start of the facebook section..

  21. The points are not increasing after G+1 plz chck it

  22. still have the same issue 144 clicks and only 31 +1’s its like if its countin only one-quarter or less of clicks

  23. moataz beheta

    you can add “YouTube Video Likes” & “Facebook Subscribe”
    and also you can change Website Hits to “Website Hits (Autosurf)”

  24. Would be nice if u could add a Facebook Like Section not just Fanpages also for Links with a Facebook Like Button..! Btw. The Fb Section is still buging if i want to skip a page i dont want to like.“This page no longer exist”

  25. in FB [Skip this Page] dont work

  26. Why is my point less than zero?

    • I believe you know why. Breaking ethics.

      • I had no ethics violations, I have tried for a long time to gain their views, only my site advertising, “imgbuck”, and do not understand how I was baned site, this is the first time first ad, for my score achieved
        Please correct me, this is my first time advertising site, site did not violate ethics

      • You were using bots to inflate your point count artificially.

      • I did not, did you know that I and my brother was not hard how?, One day I slept less than 5 hours online just to your work site
        I was trying to get a big score, then start advertising face page, and my site
        Site and my face is still in the editing process, so it’s not just the action
        So I can only try to earn points, only so much
        Sorry about my poor english

      • Sorry, but we’ve been logging your account for some time now and have more than enough evidence that you’ve been using automated programs.


    cant login with my account and it says after new registration only 1 Ip allowed this sucks?!

    what can i do?!

  28. why can’t i log into my account? could you let me know please? I worked very hard for many days to earn 21,500 points and now it won’t even recognise my email address!
    username jimrose

  29. i have one account only. is this because we use the same computer? not being made of money everybody in our workshop uses the PC. this surely doesn’t violate any rule of which I was made aware! Dont take my points please!!!! it took me DAYS to gather that many!!!! 😦
    what’s all this about?

  30. I’m waiting for a response from you, maybe because I was so trying to make a big score

  31. ok, so you falsely identify me as having more than one account, god only knows why, erase it without any warning or notice, taking my very painstakingly earned 21,500 points with you, and that’s it huh? it would be a bit nicer if there was an appeals process or something so i can prove that i have one account only. . and this is the super reward you offer for patiently sticking by you through your recent hard-times losing data and being down a lot. thanks a bunch.


    you right with this one

    but why can people not like any page.i try now to login with my first accounts go to Facebook Section try to like any Page but its now working?!

    I try to click both variants but its not working Sir?!

    Best Greetz

  33. No 1 liking My Page on payout 14 ? any reason ADMIn ?

  34. One suggestion would be facebook, photo and comment likes

  35. I can’t skip at google+ section ,it’s loading and loadind ,make something

  36. Did you find out why the +1’s are working correctly? I have 216 clicks and only 40 +1’s.

  37. Wow, that is terrifying building up tens of thousands of points only to have your account deleted with no recourse. I will remember never to build up that many points here.

    Skip this page doesn’t work in Facebook. Makes the section unusable.

    • Well, the problem isn’t saving points. The problem is when the person is using multiple accounts.

      I will look into the Facebook skipping issue.

      • You know, I almost believe that guy. I’ve had accounts on a site deleted because my girlfriend was using my wireless network on the same site with a different account. This happened twice!

      • We match other things besides just being on the same internet connection. We look for things like similar emails, similar passwords and we also don’t usually delete people just for having a 2nd account. We usually only delete people when that have 4+ accounts or are using bots/macro’s etc.

  38. Kline Potente

    Add also Tumblr Follower

  39. you should add Facebook status/photos like, Twitter Retweet/favorite, instagram and soundcloud 🙂

  40. Facebook shares are supposedly the potent thing with regard to google rankings.

  41. On Facebook every other page is locked. It’s making it really hard to accumulate points. Effectively twice as many clicks.

    Also, you should add Flickr friends/favorites.

  42. almost 80% of Facebook sites come up as “locked”- what’s going on? Not getting the same on competitor sites. This is frustrating.

  43. How about facebook photo likes or facebook subscribers?

  44. I left several comments on the most recent G+ thread – usually u are great about responding, but I haven’t seen an answer from you on the thread?. Anyway, it looks like someone has taken away a lot of my G+ after I saw them register on my site. Does Goog actually take them away?? I recently lost 5 G circles in about an hour or so – does Goog take away Circles too??

  45. In youtube you can get banned for the views and likes. My account,Nahomy101,got deleted thanks to this.

    • This is the first we’ve heard of anyone having their account deleted. Were you using any other programs or sites? Maybe it was the content you had uploaded?

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