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Facebook was down for roughly 2 hours earlier today and many Facebook pages were automatically removed from our system as a result.  Our system will remove a page if we can’t grab the information needed from the Facebook servers.  Since their servers were down no information was being grabbed.

You should be able to just add your pages back again without issues now.


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  1. Thanks for the quick explanation. I have been looking all over my FB site to see what happen with the “privacy settings”. I couldn’t find anything so I Came here to post that I had a problem, but you have already explained it. thanks for your work on the site – you do a great job..

  2. The new problem now is when I’m trying to add my page that already was added, I need to add the YLH code on info page, however same pages I don’t have the admin password and this will very hard to continue bring new likes..please make like was before, because the pages is not added by someone else..

  3. i want to ask,why there’s so many fb locked?
    please fix the problem…thank u…

  4. I cannot add my FB fan page but I already put the right fan page URL and it show this:

    “Please make sure that you have a shortcut URL or Username set for your Page
    You can edit this in the “Basic Information” section in your Facebook Pages settings.”

    May I know what is the problem?

  5. Hi, i have been trying to add my page to the account. it says If you’re the owner of the page you can claim it by temporarily putting “XXXXXXXXX” in the “Info” section of the Facebook page and then try readding the page. Once the page verified you can remove this code. Please advise as i have no admin access to the accounts i’m liking.

  6. I also have the problem with a large amount of FB pages being locked. Another problem is that I can only subscribe to a few Youtube channels per day.

    • The locked pages thing is something we’re looking into.

      As for subscribers, that might be something that YouTube has implemented.

      • Thank you for replying, I noticed that with Facebook pages there are no more “This page is locked for another person” notification, which is really great. Youlikehits is a great website! I really like the new Twitter Tweets as well. Thanks a lot!

    • Just fyi: If your account is newer on You Tube, you can’t subscribe to many people for a while. It usually takes a couple weeks of activity to increase the cap.

      It’s to prevent spam because everything you do on You Tube is now shown on the main feed.

  7. i can’t add my fb page :/ , “Someone already added this page to their account. “

  8. “We couldn’t find the site you’re trying to +1.”

    On almost every page when I use the Google+ option. I for maybe 9 points out of 30 pages I 1+. on. 😦

  9. Almost every Google +1 is giving me “We couldn’t find the site you’re trying to +1.”

    Isn’t there a way for you to check that their page works before it is featured on the site?

  10. What’s going on with the facebook pages? Can’t add my page

  11. Same Problem as David: i can’t add my fb page :/ , “Someone already added this page to their account. “ Whats up with that?

    • This means that someone already added that page to their account. You’ll have to prove that you’re the owner by putting the code in the “Info”/”About” section of the Facebook page.


  13. i cant add my youtube page. i dont understand. This is what i typed in.

  14. ok its working now 🙂 could you add a 15 payout to the Youtube section, it’s sucking right now

  15. I am not able to like any video. It gives error “The video you’re trying to Like no longer exists”

  16. “The video you’re trying to Like no longer exists.
    You skipped T-Shyne – Don’t Snooze.

    Click Here to Load More”

    On every video I “like”, this crap comes up. And will you ever fix the YT subscriers thing to actually bring in subscribers?

  17. It there a possibility that you also put Instagram for increasing followers and likes?


  18. Wow i Like you Thank You Man

  19. why am I getting these messages on 70%-80% of facebook pages I’m liking ??
    “The Facebook Page you were liking is currently “locked” for another user.”
    “We’re having trouble confirming that you Liked this page. Please try Liking with both options available. If that doesn’t work please make sure you didn’t hit your Like limit and that your profile is public.”
    This crap happens time and time again. No wonder you’re losing users, your website’s turning into frustrating crap. I remember there used to be 5000+ users on-line at a time, things were great most of the time, now YouLikeHits has become too frustrating to be useful, hence only 3054 people on-line.

    Is it any wonder why add-me-you know what and others are gaining in popularity? They work most of the time instead of some of the time.

    • Other sites don’t confirm Likes like we do. They give points even if the Like isn’t actually registered.

      “Locked” means the page is currently being liked by another user. We’re still tweaking this and it should come up less often and hopefully soon it won’t show up at all.

  20. can you please add instagram? i want more followers there!! 😦

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