“I’ve Liked This Page”

The “I’ve Liked This Page” button will now only show up after you close the “Like” window.

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  1. aha, this prevents instant ‘unliking’! genius!!

  2. Hi youlikehits I accidently removed my page and I can’t add it back please help me!! my username is anna1234.

  3. Hi YLH, I was logged into YLH for about an hour, doing me points on the likes, had the colour captcha thingy come up, then ylh froze, so restarted the browser and cannot even load any ylh page, is the site down….wanted to rejuvenate my points.


  4. YLH, the captchas are great idea! please don’t stop it ! it blocks the people that like and unlike pages immediately ! i am seeing pages with higher points than pages with 4/3 points!

  5. Not sure what has happened over all, but over 100 likes took place in the past 12 hours and saw maybe 8 stuck.

    The recent changes have simply not improved the outcome at all.

  6. The changes are great ! Yes,but there are some pages which get stuck ! it looks like youlikehits is somewhat returning slowly back to normal Function

  7. Mohammad Rokanuzzaman

    to get points when I like any page than da “I’ve liked this page” button iz not showing! for dis rezon, i cant get any points! pls help me to resolve it!!!

  8. what happened, you deleted my posts with the names of all those that liked and unliked immediately, some multiple times?

    am i to understand that YLH is ok with people doing that?

    • Hey Rick, we didn’t delete your posts and we don’t believe that unliking is “ok”. Our comment system requires new comments to be “Approved” by us before being posted. We also don’t “Approve” any posts that report unlikers. Instead we just save the list of names and ban those accounts.

  9. Why did you ban my account?

  10. Can’t we add the same page into 2 YLH accounts as in the past? I and my friend are trying to develop our business.

  11. oh ok, i didn’t realise that’s what you were doing. it’s good to know action is being taken.
    but can i also clarify if the other comment was directed at me? (“you broke our list of ethics”).

  12. it’s ok, i see it now. keep up the good work guys! 🙂

  13. Of these guys only 4 likes worked
    Man Chan
    Bondy Nguyễn
    Nhan Nguyen
    Bin Knight
    Binh Tomas
    Álvaro Blanco
    Bily Ocho Nueve
    Bọ Horn
    BinDevil Vicky
    Ben Bướng Bỉnh
    Dung Nguyen
    Naseha Khan
    Polo Wert
    Beatriz Martos Lopez
    amantha Whittaker
    Cleverlearn Ama
    Beatriz Santiago
    Allstreet Europe
    Quynh Dang
    Oscar Alvarez Carbajo
    Konstancja Duda
    Dan Tanner
    Amanda Junquera Calvo
    Donald Le
    Thỏ Fif
    Người Cùng Quê
    Virgo Twenty-three
    Bò Kidz
    Rb Narsian

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