YouLikeHits Statistics Update!

A lot of people thought it was interesting to see the numbers behind YouLikeHits.  The last time I did this was July 19th and even since then we’ve grown bigger!  You can compare the numbers by checking out our older statistics blog post.

Twitter Followers: 975,781
Facebook Likes: 1,069,031
Google +1’s: 2,741 (new system only)
MySpace Friends: 24,065
YouTube Views: 592,959
Digg Followers: 30,339
StumbleUpon Followers: 15,717
Website Hits: 617,890

We also just updated the Buy Points page again!  Check it out.


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  1. Really nice stats. That is impressive.

    Just a quick question. Why does the YLH system not allow me to add my Facebook Profile to more than one YLH account? I mean what if I want to use one YLH account to promote one Facebook page and another YLH account to promote another.

    I mean I can understand that the system does not allow me to have the same FB Page setup but why not the profile. This way we would not have to log into the one account delete the Facebook profile and page associated with YLH and then log into another account to associate them again.

    Maybe you can change that in the near future since it makes it hard to manage more than one FB page with more than one YLH account.

    Wondering what others have to say about this.

  2. Hello,

    I m trying to add facebook account but it is not added.. i mailed also.. but no reply.. Please help…

  3. I buy seed on Twiends….I just found your site which was actually posted ON twiends…kinda sad but anyway..they did away with Facebook likes, youtube views and never had anything else to earn seeds (points) now all they have is twitter follows, which cause me to hit my following limit rapidly. Your site ROCKS and KICKS ASS…thats all I really want to say, the chances to earn free points are so awesome..I joined a few days ago and have over 100 free followers. It is a minor anoyance to do youtube views etc but still i am GRATEFUL for the opportunity I hope it stays this way permanently!! Do plan to buy points in the future! Thanks again for this rockin site!

  4. Question, is it just me or is Digg not allowing for followers. I am not even being able to follow anyone. Perhaps I a doing something wrong? When I click on the person to add them I get a page saying their page doesn’t exist or something like that.

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