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If you do!  Then this is for you.  We’re looking bloggers to post a positive review or tutorial about YouLikeHits on their blog.  Please make the review rather lengthy and include what you like about our site.

After you post your blog please post a comment in reply to this with the username you use on YouLikeHits and the link to the Blog you posted.  After we review the blog you will get 250 Points added to your account!


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  1. Hey guys, When I read the blog update I thought you were introducing some blog commenting system for points. I just wanted to say that it would be great in terms of having such a service on your website; where User A could spend x amount of points to have his article or post published on another persons Blog.

    I am unaware of the technical difficulties related to such a task, but it would definitely be a valuable feature for YouLikeHits

  2. How to get free facebook fans! I posted It on my Blog regards to increasing more popularity of You Like Hits. Please have a look here:

  3. great idea , i will try it 🙂

  4. I’m silviubacky and I made a post about youlikehits from the moment i found it! here it is,in romanian language

  5. Yes, I have written a blog post about youlikehits very early,
    Link to my article:
    My youlikehits username: hafisk

  6. Hi my username is: MOTORONE, use your site every day several times a day to increase the like on facebook and I am very happy with you, you are the best among those I tried, I wrote a very positive review on my blog , below I put the address to go to visit him. keep it up you’re the best, thanks a lot if you give me points for the review. Hello luca

  7. Site is down please fix it.

  8. I can`t confirm my facebook likes. why???

  9. Can you please reply to my email? My user name is Lorindaleigh. It is important and urgent.
    Thank you!

  10. Hi I have posted about your site on my blog at

    My username is stylifyyourblog

  11. Why is nobody responding ,as per your demand I have posted about YouLikeHits in my blog but till date I have not received the 250 points. My blogs Alexa Rank is 321038

    Don’t get confused about part one thing because I will be explaining about Others free services (not Youlikehits )

  12. i guess they only give the free points to select few. Im still waiting too

  13. Its really fun, and increases facebook likes faster

  14. Nice site for increasing facebook likes

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