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Google +1 Issues

Some users are reporting that a significant amount of their +1’s gained from YouLikeHits are disappearing.  We’re monitoring the issues and we’re working on some fixes to make sure that it doesn’t continue.  We’ll be changing the way we handle +1’s to help make them less mass +1’d and appear more legit.  We’re going to use an external window instead of an inline frame for +1’s and we’re going to require users to wait a certain amount of seconds between each +1.


Google +1 back!

Google +1 is back now!
It’s setup a little bit different than before but should be easy enough for most people to setup.  It will not work with all types of sites but anyone who owns their own site should have no issue adding the required code to get started.

Google +1’s are coming back!

Google +1 Returns
We’ve figured out a way to add Google +1’s back to YouLikeHits.  This time we’re pretty confident that it’ll work out and the +1’s will not be removed.  We’re currently testing with a small number of users but we’re seeing success and will be opening it up to more and more users very soon.  Keep checking back to see if it’s been opened up for you!

Premium Price
We have lowered the premium price from 750 Points for 24 hours to 500 Points for 24 hours.

New Points Package
We added a new Points package to the “Buy Points” page.  You can now get 10,000 Points for $90!