We’re Back!

YouLikeHits is back in the office and has applied all of the Points that were purchased over the weekend.

Thanks everyone for the support!

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  1. Having more trouble than ever today. NOT getting points after liking pages. And sometimes the “I’ve like this” button isn’t even working : (

  2. Dear YLH today I have so much problems for getting points particularly at Facebook section.I am receiving this message at my every account When I hit the “I have liked button”

    We couldn’t verify the Like. Unlike this Facebook Page and then refresh this entire page to try again later.
    If this happens frequently you could have hit the Facebook Like limit. This is a limit of 5,000 combined friends and likes. (2,000 friends and 3,000 Likes would be 5,000)

    I am using new facebook verified accounts please check it out and remove this problem from the site and another problem is single page becoming 2 or 3 times thats why so much time is wasting to get points at facebook section

    • What this means is that your Like is not registering. That means that when you Like their page it’s not increasing the Like count of the Facebook Page. Make sure that when you like the page the number increases before clicking “I’ve Liked This Page”.

  3. No dear Sir My count is not increasing and I am struggling to get points.Please check my account and solve this issue
    I really pray for you

  4. hi there! first of all, i’d like to say that you guys have done a great job in creating something that helps us get likes and followers. after twiends died, we all thought that was the end of that, especially for fb likes, as they are the key to social media success. so well done on that front.

    however, there are some minor technical glitches that prop up every now and again, which to be honest i’m being patient with, since there is no completely fool froof system, and as i am getting an increasing number of followers on my pages, i am not going to complain per se.

    in terms of making the system smoother and more productive, could you please look into why the past 48 hrs have seen a lag on certain pages and not others? i have one principle page which is on premium (has been for a couple of weeks continuously), yet has seen its following decrease incrementally. whereas it would generate on average of in excess of 100 likes per day (i keep a note of times and numbers), for the past cpl of days it has dropped to below this no, as far as i can see. especially the past 24 hours.

    is there a reason?

    i would appreciate any pointers to get the best out of this, as i constantly live in fear that like twiends the fb like feature will come to a stop, so trying to maximise my page following.

    as i say, overall i am very happy with you guys and think you’ve done a great job. keep at it.

    all the best

  5. I’m not getting points for liking either. It doesn’t show the “working” squiggly thing when it’s usually giving you points and sending you to the next page in the cue. Like it’s dead or something. Any advice?

  6. hi guys im having the same problem ive been stuck on 86 points cant get to a 100 im not getting the points for the likes but my like is registering on the liked page

  7. Twitter is not working No point no confirmations

  8. Yes. There is technical problems with the system for sure. Sometimes I can not click “Like” button on the popup page. Sometimes it worked, and then I click on “I’ve liked this page” and nothing happen, no points increases 😦

    I think this is the problem of Youlikehits cos many pp report the same issue. Pls check and fix it ASAP. Thank you


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